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Life At Netcentric


We offer a wide variety of benefits to all our employees, as well as a creative and entrepreneurial working environment for them to thrive in.

Netcentric Academy

Kick-start your career with our Netcentric Academy and learn while you earn, gaining hands-on experience from the get-go.

Summer Parties

Netcentric summer parties are something of an institution. Every year each location team gets together to enjoy a day of fun and relaxation.

Meet The Team

Susanne Dwars
Business Coordinator

Netcentric demands a lot from you, but it gives back just as much. You can share ideas and bonuses, you have ownership of your role and tasks and work with really great people! You will experience transparency and so much company growth! It's an exciting place to work.

Rupert Geldart

With a degree in engineering, I switched to IT and worked in permanent and freelance developer positions (and other IT roles) within the automotive and airline sectors. Unlike many other companies, Netcentric really does give its employees the opportunity to show what they can do and how they can contribute. I’m into road cycling, watching rugby and dog walking.

Alessandro Signoriello
Senior Support Engineer

Your voice gets heard at Netcentric. (So make sure you know some good songs…). Setting high customer expectations is easy if you have talented people. Our feedback culture drives professional and personal development. Whenever I can, I pack my rucksack and discover far-away places.

Oleksii Slyshkov
Senior Software Engineer

Should I choose only one professional path or one journey? I don't think so. Interpret or compile? Java or Groovy? Enterprise projects with hundreds of developers or a tiny micro-services where you are one man band? Polishing of UI or digging of Heap-dumps? Deeper or wider? At Netcentric I found everything that I like with AEM.

Pablo Molina
Software Engineer

After graduating in Bachelor of Computer Science and completing a M.S. in Sound and Music Computing, I realised music was more fun as a hobby. I decided to stick to standard coding (not FFT) and did that in Spain, USA, Ireland and finally in Germany, where I enjoy deep dives into AEM development in Berlin. Netcentric is full of new professional challenges and responsibilities. It is up to the eager-developer to take them to progress professionally. You are faced with different technologies at different projects and being able to deliver on all of those makes this job really exciting.

Brian Acosta
Quality Engineer

Started as a developer, moved into the finance industry in London and returned as Joined Netcentric when there were only 35-40 of us. I’ve worked in 3 different offices so far and every day I enjoy working with the people more and more. a QA Engineer. I like football and we get to play together each week – wearing our Netcentric colours of course!

Cedric Verardo
Senior Consultant

I’m a graduate of the University of Zurich and University of Geneva with degrees in Communications, Business Administration and Sociology. I then spent ten years in the banking sector, gaining experience in a variety of roles in Employer Branding, Digital Channel Management and Application Owner. In 2013 I joined Netcentric - a young, exciting company - as a Project Manager in Zurich. Three years later I moved to the buzzing London office which has grown a lot - as has the rest of the company. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug, so whenever I can, I’m off to discover new places near and far.

Rina Patel
Senior Consultant

I studied Business & Computing, gaining an MSc in Computer Networks from Brunel University. I’ve since worked in email, PPC, display, video publishing and ad-ops. In 2010, I joined Chevrolet Europe as Data Analyst where I established – using Adobe Analytics – the data strategy and a culture of data-driven decision-making. I help clients – using Analytics, Audience Manager and Target - to get the most out of their campaigns and user interactions. You can learn so much at Netcentric – I’m now getting to grips with AEM. I love travelling, climbing, diving and spending time with friends and family

Livia Nassius
Marketing & Sales Representative

I wanted a challenge and I got it at Netcentric. I was thrown in at the deep end and found I could swim. And well too! Learning constantly is something important to me and there's always something new to take on at Netcentric. In Barcelona I can indulge in my interests in art, music and beach life in the summer months.

Thomas Bolz
Principal Consultant

I have been working in software development for many years and was a full-time manager for a large IT service provider. I now help our clients with their digital transformation. Netcentric is a place where the best idea wins and its implementation counts.Working at the cutting edge of digital transformation for some of the most exciting brands probably teaches you more than the best training courses can.

Marc-Anton Clavel

Joining Netcentric as a business school graduate, I’m now an analytics expert. I learnt programming skills on the job, so can support clients on both technical and business issues. Netcentric offers its employees the freedom to grow fast and set their own goals. Consultants work flexibly on different projects, using all the AMC tools. I’ve enjoyed seeing the London office grow from just four to a dozen experts in Adobe Analytics and Campaign.

Michael Schoene
Service Manager

I graduated from the University for Telecommunication in Leipzig with a degree in Telecommunications and Computer Science. I gained a lot of valuable experience working for a very large company in Service Management but in comparison Netcentric is so flexible and fast. You have got to love Holacracy! Working here is about taking responsibility. At Netcentric, you’re encouraged to make decisions and do what you believe is right. If it’s not, you learn from it and do it again better.