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As Cognizant’s Adobe center of excellence, our approach combines data and insights, experience-driven commerce, and content and customer journeys at scale to pioneer solutions, unlocking next-generation capabilities for businesses to thrive and lead in their market. Leveraging cutting-edge Adobe Cloud technology, we work with clients to build systems that help them deliver personalized experiences to customers at every point in their journey.

With a decade-long track record, we help our clients transform their vision into reality.

Our Offerings

Adapted to each organization’s needs, our unique approach harnesses data-driven strategy and real-time insights to empower brands in achieving customer experience excellence and succeeding in this digital era.

Content at scale

Delivering localized, dynamic content at speed and at scale calls for innovative solutions that leverage the best of Adobe technology. Secure the delivery of content across users globally while cutting complexity. Equip your team with the solutions, processes and strategies to master the prerequisite to achieving Customer Experience Excellence.

  • Create brand-consistent and localized experiences across channels
  • Manage thousands of assets seamlessly
  • Get the right governance, operating models and processes in place for success
  • Deliver relevant content to millions of users in dozens of countries and languages

Customer journeys at scale

Consumers expect their journeys to be personalized and as unique as they are. Delivering that is a challenge. Today, we have the capability to orchestrate and automate journeys that are omnichannel and adapted to each individual’s context. Meet your customers where they are, and connect the dots to deliver holistic, evolving experiences.

  • Leverage data to know your customers in real time to build lasting relationships with them, online and offline.
  • Personalize individual touchpoints to deliver delight
  • Get full ownership of your first party data across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Enable your organization to self-sufficiently build and run E2E customer journey

Journey insights & data activation

Responding to real-time insights and customer behavior is the key to creating engaging customer journeys. Adobe’s latest technologies can help you build a deeper understanding of your audiences, and how to deliver personalized journeys. Learn how your organization can unify data sources to build holistic customer profiles and journeys tailored to their context and needs.

  • Unify your data sources to build holistic customer profiles
  • Orchestrate customer journeys that adapt to real-time context and behaviors
  • Increase conversion rates, cross-sell opportunities, and offline engagement

Enabling services

Future-proof your experience solution by shaping, developing and operating applications and services along our proven CX excellence framework. Employ the right tools and approach to lead in your industry and create a lasting competitive advantage.

  • Develop experience strategies and solutions that evolve with your organization and customers over time
  • Accelerate and orchestrate experience transformation programs and projects
  • Fortify data protection and security measures to give customers peace of mind
  • Operate experience solutions from technical and marketing perspectives to ensure efficiency and continuous innovation

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