Elevate support for AEM users with our integrated conversational assistant, ChatAEM

Providing support to content editors for a platform like AEM is a significant challenge for many businesses, as teams spend significant resources on onboarding and navigating AEM documentation to find answers.

Today’s agile creative teams deserve more than conventional chatbots that provide shortcuts to static articles, or manual support that is cumbersome and resource-intensive.

This is why we built ChatAEM, a conversational assistant leveraging OpenAI’s advanced language modeling, to provide robust support that is human, contextualized, and real-time – all seamlessly integrated into the AEM interface.

Our advanced conversational AI assistant enables content editors to leverage the full power of AEM

A fully integrated virtual AI assistant

Conversational, human language

Greatly enhance the support experience with real-time conversations using natural language

Expandable knowledge base

Add your organization’s custom documentation and process to expand ChatAEM’s knowledge base

Leveraging OpenAI’s advanced modeling

With OpenAI’s language modeling capabilities, ChatAEM can respond to complex prompts with accuracy and speed

Enhanced data privacy

Enjoy the peace of mind and security of a private data cloud, and session data stored completely independently

Fully integrated into AEM

Streamline your workflows by using ChatAEM as a tool built into the AEM authoring interface

Fully personalized support

Get assistance that addresses you personally and includes the broader context of your conversation

Augmenting the experience of content editors with generative AI

As a certified Adobe service provider, Cognizant Netcentric is here to help your business leverage the most out of AEM with on-demand, personalized support for your content editors.

Do you want to augment your in-platform support for content editors and AEM users, and reduce your organization’s resource demand for onboarding and support? Learn how ChatAEM can elevate the user experience and unlock proficiency and speed for your content editors.

Live at Adobe Summit Las Vegas 2024: AEM Rockstar finalist presents ChatAEM

Our expert Bruno Mateos was in the finals of the global Adobe Experience Manager Rock Star search. He presented about the revolution in customer support - leveraging the cutting-edge of generative AI for better experiences. Enter the ChatAEM offering from Cognizant.

Learn all about this new customer support offering within AEM in this on demand recording, starting at 25:45.

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