Shared Operations Delivery: Cognizant Netcentric’s new offering

In an era where effective content management is instrumental to a business’s success, brands in every industry are facing critical challenges in their digital transformation journey. Whether it’s a small local business thinking about how to launch and maintain its digital ecosystem with a skeleton team or a global enterprise that needs to overhaul legacy systems and optimize its content management strategy, organizations are striving to optimize costs and deliver the quality and efficiency that they need to maintain a competitive edge.

This is where Cognizant Netcentric’s new offering comes in. Shared Operations Delivery is designed for businesses seeking a strategic, cost-effective solution to support the optimization and maintenance of AEM, leveraging the best of its capabilities to address their unique needs. With a team of seasoned experts at a fraction of the cost of traditional support models plus the flexibility to scale up or down based on their requirements, we’ve successfully partnered with established businesses across a variety of verticals to deliver value and sustained digital success.

Challenges & pain points addressed by Shared Operations Delivery

Leveraging the power of AEM correctly promises businesses the possibility of delivering personalized experiences at scale and thriving in the digital landscape. However, businesses looking to scale and optimize their AEM setup often encounter the following pain points:

1.High support costs and resources

Adopting and configuring a complex platform like AEM is only the beginning; ongoing support and maintenance are often associated with substantial costs.

2.Difficulty adapting unique organizational needs

Without dedicated expertise, organizations can find it difficult to adapt and optimize AEM setups to their unique circumstances. Businesses with smaller budgets and teams are especially affected by this.

3.Inefficiencies or inconsistency from vendor turnover

High turnover among vendors is common in these contexts, which introduces a lot of room for critical aspects falling through the cracks, or wasted effort.

4.Onboarding and attrition cost

Frequent changing of hands and attrition leads to time lost in training and onboarding, and possible disruptions to support services.

In essence, Shared Operations Delivery is a cost-effective solution to these pain points, providing businesses with a flexible way to leverage the most out of their AEM setup and access reliable and comprehensive support.

Shared Operations Delivery makes AEM optimization flexible and affordable

Cognizant Netcentric’s seasoned AEM experts excel not only in implementing systems end-to-end but also in providing top-notch support, swiftly resolving issues, and ensuring the sustained health and performance of your digital platforms.

As your dedicated digital partner, we collaborate closely with cross-functional stakeholders and external supplier setups to set our clients up for success.

  1. Affordability tailored for all
    Dedicated support for digital platforms often comes at a substantial cost. Cognizant Netcentric’s Shared Operations Delivery offering disrupts this standard; it’s up to 40% less expensive than conventional support and comes in 3 different packages to flexibly accommodate the needs of different organizations, making excellence affordable to businesses of all sizes.
  2. Global expertise, at your service

Our experts are cross-functional and well-versed in adapting engagements based on customer’s current needs and workloads. Being global, with footprints across every continent, ensures that your business benefits from a diverse skill set and comprehensive coverage across the team.

  1. Efficiency with minimal overhead costs
    Our Shared Operations framework significantly reduces onboarding and attrition costs. Through standardized processes, we minimize the time your organization loses to onboarding and handoffs and mitigate the risk of impact from absences or team changes. This ensures a consistent and efficient support environment throughout.
  2. Elasticity for dynamic support demand

Whether you face sudden resource spikes or are downsizing, our support offering is elastic and can scale up or down to meet those demands.

  1. Best practices are our standard
    Cognizant Netcentric adheres to standardized processes for managing incidents, problems, and defects. By providing predefined processes that are easy to adopt and align with industry standards, we alleviate your mental burden and make operational excellence an ingrained practice.

Trusted by industry leaders

Cognizant Netcentric's Shared Operations Delivery has a proven track record of success, partnering with industry leaders from a variety of sectors, including some of Adobe's largest clients:

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