Deep dive into our GenAI and Adobe tech smart companion Solari Astrocraft

About this tech-focused demonstration

Launched at Adobe Summit 2024 in Las Vegas, the Solari Astrocraft demo highlights the groundbreaking potential of merging AI technologies with the Adobe stack, showcasing the true art of the possible. It’s a demonstration of the next-generation of personalization – going beyond segmentation and the like – within a content supply chain context. Generate text, images and unique, one-to-one experiences with Solari Astrocraft.

Applicable across industries, this solution opens up possibilities of how brands can leverage GenAI and Adobe tech for better, more compelling and truly personalized experiences.

Watch now

Discover the inner machinations of Solari Astrocraft with this video, which will walk you through the technologies and architecture that compose each stage of the journey.

Solari Astrocraft smart companion harnesses the power of these technologies and more:
  • AEM Edge Delivery Services
  • Adobe Experience Platform
  • Adobe Journey Optimizer
  • Elastic Search
  • OpenAI ChatGPT
  • AWS OpenSearch serverless DB for Retrieval Augmented Generation

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