Meet ChatAEM, our revolutionary conversational AI assistant and AEM Rockstar finalist

The annual Adobe Summit 2024 returned to Las Vegas last month, bringing together marketing leaders, owners, and creators from around the world and unveiling the latest product innovations in the future of digital marketing with generative AI.

As Adobe Platinum Partners and Diamond Sponsors of this year’s Summit, Cognizant Netcentric is more excited than ever to share knowledge and facilitate discussions around the latest cutting-edge technologies being developed within the AEM ecosystem and wider digital experience landscape.

This year, our own Service Manager and AEM Rockstar finalist Bruno Mateos had the pleasure of presenting Cognizant Netcentric’s new offering: ChatAEM, a fully integrated, advanced conversational AI assistant to elevate AEM’s in-platform support.

How ChatAEM uses advanced language modeling to automate in-platform support

Bruno has been working in support operations for complex platforms like AEM, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target, collaborating with cross-functional teams for over a decade. Many of these include content editors and UX designers who are end users of AEM who may not have a deep technical background but need to understand the ins and outs of the tool. Thus, we set out to address the challenge of improving the support we could provide to content editors and other end users of AEM.

The learning curve for a platform as comprehensive as AEM can be steep; navigating AEM documentation and onboarding new content editors is especially laborious, especially when use cases can differ so much. First-level support often must invest significant time and effort to answer even basic questions about AEM usage or provide screen-sharing walkthroughs on how to use a feature. Creating a website is a very creative process, and we believe that support for content editors must be more fluid and dynamic to accommodate this.

This is how we came to create ChatAEM, a conversational AI assistant that’s fully integrated into the AEM author interface and provides support that is nuanced, robust, and meets users where they are.

How ChatAEM leverages genAI to augment support operations

ChatAEM uses retrieval augmented generation technology powered by OpenAI to provide first-level support within the AEM authoring interface.

A virtual assistant built using ReactJS using AWS infrastructure that is robust and scalable, ChatAEM uses OpenAI’s API to tap into the power of large language models to understand and deliver intelligent responses; this also saves significant cost and effort in training proprietary models. Essentially, ChatAEM takes the official AEM documentation, plus any custom internal documentation, connects to a private data cloud, and delivers responses informed by any context stored in the database.

We designed ChatAEM to directly support and empower content editors and to accommodate organizations with varying levels of complexity and technical needs.

Enabling content editors to unlock the full power of AEM

ChatAEM has proven to be groundbreaking for several reasons:

Watch the Adobe Summit recording

Get into the weeds about this offering and watch Burno Mateos present ChatAEM at Adobe Summit’s AEM Rockstar event. Watch this on demand recording starting at 25:45 here.

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