Insights from Adobe Summit 2024

Launching into the future of CX with GenAI and Adobe

The best of Adobe Summit

Did you make it to the ultimate digital experience conference this year? Here are our top highlights:

  • Cognizant was a Diamond Sponsor and with our incredible booth we showcased the future of CX.
  • Our clients were on stage! Links to Volvo Trucks and Allianz breakout sessions are now available on demand. Just keep scrolling.
  • Solari Astrocraft smart companion showed the world what next-generation personalization can be - and it’s taking us to the stars!

Get inspired by the cutting-edge of generative AI and its endless possibilities below.

A B2B Digital Experience “Designed to Change Everything”

Volvo Trucks deep dives into the trucking industry’s challenges in customer experience, showcasing their own journey.

Their goal was to introduce a best-in-class experience for Volvo Trucks, to make their mark and showcase our trucks and services. That meant changing platforms, developing new experiences and doing this all in less than a year - thanks to AEM Sites Edge Delivery Services and the Cognizant team.

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Watch now

Allianz's Transformation: Unifying Data for Customer-Centric Excellence

Discover Allianz's journey towards customer-centricity with a powerful customer data strategy and the adoption of a Customer Data Platform.

The joint Allianz and Cognizant team overcame growth barriers, navigated hybrid models, adapted to a cookie-less future, all the while complying with regulations. The goals? Improved profitability, streamlined operations, and exceptional customer experiences. Click to get the full story.

The demo that launched next-generation personalization

Our team has done it again - witness a demonstration of the possibilities unlocked by GenAI and Adobe technology. At Adobe Summit EMEA 2023, visitors found the perfect, personalized space vacation with our GenAI-powered virtual travel assistant, Solari.

Now, at Adobe Summit 2024, we took it to the next level. Enter Solari Astrocraft.

Blending GenAI, AEP, AEM Edge Delivery Services and ChatGPT and more: this smart companion launches customer experiences to next-generation personalization.

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Adobe Experience Manager Rockstar: ChatAEM

Our expert Bruno Mateos was in the finals of the global Adobe Experience Manager Rock Star search. He presented about the revolution in customer support - leveraging the cutting-edge of generative AI for better experiences. Enter the ChatAEM offering from Cognizant.

Learn all about this new customer support offering within AEM in this on demand recording, starting at 25:45.

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