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The ultimate digital experience conference is global and more exciting than ever this year. Meet global experience makers, industry experts and leaders in Las Vegas, March 26-28. Learn, connect, and get inspired by the best of the best.

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Cognizant is a Diamond sponsor. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with us at our incredible booth #737, inspired by the cutting-edge of generative AI and its endless possibilities.

Launch into the future of customer experience with GenAI and Adobe

Our team has done it again - witness a demonstration of the possibilities unlocked by GenAI and Adobe technology. At Adobe Summit EMEA 2023, visitors found the perfect, personalized space vacation with our GenAI-powered virtual travel assistant, Solari.

Now, at Adobe Summit 2024, we’ve taken it to the next level - we’re enabling you to personalize and configure your very own spaceship as you launch into the future of humanity. Enter Solari Astrocraft.

Experience this GenAI and Adobe tech powered demo at our Cognizant booth #737 at Adobe Summit Las Vegas.

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Our experts and clients from several industries are on stage at Adobe Summit Las Vegas 2024. Learn from their success stories by attending the following sessions.

Breakout Session - Automotive [S703]

A B2B Digital Experience “Designed to Change Everything”

In the automotive industry, you typically see a bleeding edge digital user experience. The trucking industry however is typically a late adopter –as much as 5-10 years. Our goal? To introduce a best-in-class experience for Volvo Trucks. Not only to shake up our industry but change how we showcase our trucks and services. Changing platforms, developing new experiences and doing this all in less than a year,leveraging AEM Sites Edge Delivery Services.

Learn about

  • How we created an environment that would not fail even under high load
  • How we delivered a premium experience that’s capable for rapid development and change
  • How we went from design to full digital launch in 9 months

Speaker: Joe Salling, Volvo Trucks | Will Bender, Volvo Trucks

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Skill Exchange Session - Workfront [S957]

Skill Exchange: Workfront Experience Makers Spotlight [S957]

A powerful attribute of Adobe Workfront is its ability to integrate with other solutions in your tech stack. Hear from three diverse organizations about how they approach these integrations, from initial strategic planning and prioritization to rollout and optimization.

Key takeaways:

  • How to unlock growth and efficiency with Workfront integrations.
  • Where Workfront fits into your tech stack

Speaker: Jamie Davidson, Cognizant

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Breakout Session - Insurance [S704]

Allianz's Transformation: Unifying Data for Customer-Centric Excellence [S704]

Discover Allianz's journey towards customer-centricity through a potent customer data strategy and the adoption of a Customer Data Platform. The team overcame growth barriers, navigated hybrid models, adapted to a cookie-less future, all the while complying with regulations. The goals? Improved profitability, streamlined operations, and exceptional customer experiences.

Key takeaways:

  • Standardized global rollout based on blueprints
  • Increase efficiency in the adopting of digital marketing tools
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences in a cookie less world

Speaker: Helmut Auer, Allianz Technology | Cristina Garcia, Cognizant Netcentric

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Virtual Session - Cognizant & Adobe Workfront [VS310]

How Cognizant Effectively Manages Multiple Adobe Workfront Groups [VS310]

Discover how company priorities determine the why and how of using Adobe Workfront through Cognizant’s experience. Cognizant had multiple Workfront user groups that were confined to siloed work structures, and proactive communication between group and system admins was lacking.

Key takeaways:

  • Effective change management
  • How to manage multiple user groups with separate processes
  • Establishing a center of excellence

Speaker: Jamie Davidson, Cognizant | Sujatha TS, Cognizant

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Adobe Experience Manager Rockstar: The Finalists Face Off [S412]

Root for our expert Bruno Mateos in the finals of the global Adobe Experience Manager Rock Star search. Attend the face off and learn directly from him - hot tips, tricks and strategies.

Each AEM Rock Star finalist will talk about a business challenge and present a live demo of how to use Experience Manager and other Experience Cloud solutions to solve it.

And for the extra thrill, the winner will be announced during the session. Don’t miss it!

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