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Cognizant Netcentric is the first implementation partner to deliver AEM Edge Delivery Services.

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What’s AEM Edge Delivery Services?

Adobe has reimagined AEM Sites, empowering businesses to deliver content at scale faster than ever before. With a focus on web performance, content velocity and high-impact experiences this new approach to CMS technology truly delivers business impact.

As Adobe Platinum Solution Partners and close collaborators with Adobe R&D, we’re pioneers in AEM Edge Delivery Services and Adobe’s reimagined AEM Sites. Having migrated our own website to Edge Delivery Services last year, we’ve already built up expertise in this technology - using it to implement new AEM Sites for Volvo Trucks NA and Mack Trucks Inc.

The AEM Edge Delivery Services success story: Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks Inc. x Cognizant Netcentric at Adobe Summit 2023

Volvo Trucks North America and Mack Trucks Inc. needed a platform that could reliably bring their content into the new world, with a faster time to market, scalable processes for developers and content editors alike, and stellar SEO performance.

That’s where Cognizant Netcentric and AEM Edge Delivery Services came in.

Find out how Volvo Trucks North America and Mack Trucks Inc. achieved the following goals:

  • Migrating to a state of the art CMS
  • Increasing their speed to market
  • Improving the content editing experience
  • Achieving stellar SEO performance

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Document-based authoring unleashed

Thanks to this new approach to content authoring in AEM Edge Delivery Services, expanded authoring awaits your content and marketing teams with featured options like:

  • Content authoring, including publishing, now happens within familiar tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.
  • Make content editing and authoring open to all with little or no onboarding to the platform.
  • Streamline content creation workflows using collaborative features of Word or Docs like never before. See your team’s content velocity soar.
  • Easily search and use images from your existing AEM Assets set up into your documents housing your sites.

Deep dive into the benefits of Adobe Edge Delivery Services with the experts.

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Helping you unlock content at scale

Content is the heart of compelling customer experiences - your customers expect to be delighted. Your brand’s experiences must be relevant to each unique customer therefore personalized at scale too.

That means brands need to think about not just creating experiences but delivering this content at scale.

Managing hundreds if not thousands of assets across channels and workflows can be a challenge for any team. But, with Adobe Edge Delivery Services it’s just that much simpler, faster and easier for all.

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Our expert point of view

Our AEM Edge Delivery Services expert, Andreas Haller, takes you through the latest updates from Adobe in his latest article. Is this new reimagined AEM Sites right for your organization? Here’s what you need to know from Principal Solution Architect, Andreas Haller.

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AEM Edge Delivery Services FAQs

What is AEM Edge Delivery Services?

Adobe Edge Delivery Services is a cutting-edge, cloud-based content authoring and management solution that helps businesses radically optimize how they deliver personalized content at scale. The service is built for peak web performance and user experience, making it more efficient and streamlined than ever to create, manage, and deliver content across channels and workflows.

How does Edge Delivery integrate with AEM?

AEM Edge Delivery Services integrate seamlessly with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), working in tandem with AEM Sites to ensure that the content you create is quickly and reliably delivered to your audiences.

Is Adobe Edge Delivery Services compatible with other Adobe Experience Cloud products?

Prior to its most recent iteration, AEM Edge Delivery Services was known as Project Franklin, AEM Franklin, and Adobe Next-Gen Composability. Despite these name changes, its core functionality has remained constant: enhancing content management and delivery.

What was AEM Edge Delivery Services previously known as?

Prior to its most recent iteration, AEM Edge Delivery Services was known as Project Franklin, AEM Franklin, and Adobe Next-Gen Composability. Despite these name changes, its core functionality has remained constant: enhancing content management and delivery.

How does Next-Gen Composability relate to AEM Edge Delivery Services?

AEM Edge Delivery Services was referred to as Next-Gen Composability in its earlier stages, highlighting the service’s advanced capabilities in composing and delivering digital experiences with improved flexibility and scalability.

Why choose us for an AEM Edge Delivery Services implementation?

As an Adobe Platinum Solution Partner, Cognizant Netcentric is a leader in harnessing Adobe's suite of tools to create compelling digital experiences. Our deep expertise with AEM Edge Delivery Services, thanks to being the first Adobe partner to implement it, combined with a robust understanding of the Adobe ecosystem, positions us uniquely to tailor solutions that meet and exceed your digital strategy needs.