Adobe’s AEM Franklin: tested, implemented and approved by Adobe partner Cognizant Netcentric

AEM Franklin, or Project Franklin, is Adobe’s newest breakthrough in the marketing technology landscape related to content management. This is a powerful and innovative tool, and as the first Adobe partner to implement AEM Franklin, we have a lot of insights to share.

Content is the heart of a strong customer experience, and the leap to content at scale can be a make-or-break moment for brands. In recent years, we’ve worked with countless businesses at various points in their journey to migrate from using legacy systems to leveraging cloud marketing technology like Adobe Experience Manager (AEMaaCS).

We see businesses facing a lot of the same challenges with their content management systems and technologies, legacy or not:

Today, leading brands are competing to offer the best digital experiences – and underpinning this is a complex ecosystem of content management, content authoring, and workflows. Right in this dynamic intersection is where Adobe’s AEM Franklin comes in.

Introducing Adobe’s AEM Franklin

AEM Franklin is the newest web content management technology poised to make waves in the world of web development and content marketing. Franklin has been built as the newest AEM feature, with cloud-native technology that takes the platform several truly innovative steps further than its predecessors.

Designed for ease of use, speed, and scalability, Franklin streamlines the process of publishing content to the web, removing burdensome CMS interfaces. Teams are free from investing developer resources to learn and maintain a complex framework stack. Launching a site using Franklin requires just standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Having been involved in the early stages of the project, Cognizant Netcentric is now the first Adobe partner to implement AEM Franklin. Over the last few months, we’ve experienced firsthand what makes Adobe Franklin a trailblazer in marketing technology. That’s why we can share these key benefits of AEM Franklin with you:

Key benefits of AEM Franklin

Becoming the first Adobe partner to implement AEM Franklin

Implementing Adobe Franklin in a live production environment meant our experts joined up with the Adobe Enterprise Support team. They worked together to rewrite and migrate the website from AEM 6.5 to Franklin in just 3 weeks.

AEM Franklin is focused on providing end-users fast performing experiences and brands stronger SEO scoring. Some notable performance improvements already include: the Franklin-powered website gets a 100 Lighthouse score both on mobile and desktop devices. Server-response time has become twice as fast, compared to our previous CMS – and loading time has improved scoring an overall 1.5x improvement. All the key performance indicators now land in the green zone for the overwhelming majority of page views.

With state-of-the-art architecture, Adobe’s AEM Franklin has catapulted us into the next generation of cloud content management, with a solution that has been designed around content authors, editors, designers, and marketers at the core. We’re looking forward to helping other organizations leverage this powerful tool to take their content marketing and customer experience to the next level.

What AEM Franklin can do for you and how Cognizant Netcentric can help

AEM Franklin has the power to help brands meet customers where they are by radically streamlining the process of publishing content to web, and making content velocity achievable at scale.

Cognizant Netcentric builds scalable Adobe Experience Cloud solutions that help brands engage with their customers and deliver digital experiences to elevate their business. Part of our offering includes working with organizations to unlock capacity by developing the platforms, centralization, and processes to manage an ever-increasing amount of assets and tailored content offerings to their audiences with cloud technologies.

Get in touch with our experts today to learn how we can help you leverage AEM Franklin.