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Building a better CX beyond the point of sale

Lifting customer experience to new levels

The proliferation of digital access and online marketplaces has led to widespread disruption and innovation in the manufacturing industry. With consumers and businesses increasingly adopting direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies even before 2020 (40% of US customers had made D2C purchases by the end of 2019), events over the last year have pushed manufacturing companies into other progressive solutions. 


With 80-90% of customers using digital channels to research product information, reviews, prices, and availability, manufacturers are no longer competing on product quality alone, but in the way they engage customers and communicate their value. The adoption of data-driven solutions, IoT technology, and creative strategies in bundling services with products are only a few areas of opportunities where your business can shine. 


With customers ready to adopt digital solutions that better serve their needs, now is the time for manufacturing companies to step up and deliver experiences that work better for everyone. 

That’s where we come in

At Netcentric, we work with global brands across the manufacturing industry in leveraging the latest technology to deliver outstanding customer experiences end-to-end.


Our data-driven solutions leverage the latest Adobe Experience Cloud products enabling you to engage your customers with customized offerings at the right time and in the right place. 


With an agile and scalable platform offering 360º customer views, journey mapping, and real-time insights, you can deliver seamless omnichannel experiences and ensure customer loyalty.

Deliver 360° customer experiences with one cutting-edge platform

Provide personalized, smart content delivered at speed across all channels.

Data-driven insights for 360-degree customer views.

Create omnichannel experiences that adapt to changing buyer journeys using real-time customer data.

Advanced customer experience marketing and customer journey mapping.


Ready-to-use subscriptions (SaaS)

Pre-built solutions to get you up and running in weeks, not months.


Foundation Packages

Comprehensive tool packages for exceptional CX delivery, guaranteed. 


Consulting & operational services

Access the support of our Application, Marketing, and Digital Strategy teams alongside your solution to drive results.

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Stefan Franck

Senior Director

One Netcentric’s co-founders, Stefan is an expert in shaping solutions for clients - from requirements analysis to project specification and more. Stefan sees himself as the link between business and technology and, for over ten years now, he has filled various roles as architect, project lead and lead consultant. Stefan's focus is on the Adobe Marketing Cloud and AEM, to which he is strongly connected from his days at Day Software and Adobe. He says that co-founding Netcentric was one of the best choices in his professional life. Never before been able to work with so many brilliant people.