Power your content with AEM Assets

Discover how to optimize your digital asset management and drive sales using Adobe Experience Manager Assets


Flemming Lund Blixt

Principal Marketing Technology Consultant

About this webinar

As consumer demand for high volumes of image and video content increases, digital brands must ensure their content operations are optimized to stay competitive. Here, we’ll show you how to leverage the innovative features of AEM Assets to increase your content velocity the smart way — boosting loyalty and driving sales.

With more than 25 years + experience in database, e-mail, and 1:1-marketing, I’ll guide you on leveraging customer data & IT solutions the best way possible, enabling you to maximize your business results and ROI and achieve your business goals.

You will get unique insights on

  • Unlocking the full potential of Adobe Experience Manager Assets
  • Driving sales through improved content velocity and digital asset management
  • Leveraging data-driven automation for scalable content
  • Internationalizing your content assets with AEM

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