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Join our Netcentric Academy and kickstart your career!

The Cognizant Netcentric Academy

The Academy is structured to teach concepts related to software engineering, web development, and project management, and is largely focused on the Adobe Experience Cloud. The training curriculum includes the essentials in front-end, back-end, systems knowledge, project structure, JIRA as well as the Netcentric organizational essentials of core values. 


Our new developers will be given the opportunity to learn through theoretical lessons, practical exercises, and a final group project.

Will you take on the challenge?

Led by our technology leaders, the training program is focused on designing, optimizing and implementing digital marketing platforms built on the Adobe Experience Cloud.


Our experts help you advance your understanding of key technical areas, learning everything about what the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is and can do. Their goal is to enable you to work on real-life projects and understand how to build and deliver AEM solutions.