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Cognizant Netcentric is your end-to-end digital partner that transforms brand experiences into next generation customer engagement. We empower the world’s leading brands to connect with their customers at scale and succeed in the digital era by leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud and other cutting-edge technologies.


Operating with agility

Because we’re continually adapting to the rapid evolution of digital technology, agility is in our DNA. We operate globally, and are available at all times to provide all services to our clients.


Working autonomously

Cognizant Netcentric is a holacratic organization. We promote autonomy and independent decision making within our teams, and as individuals, so we can remain highly flexible and responsive at all times.


Innovating consistently

All our employees have access to critical insights. We encourage knowledge-sharing, experimentation and innovation, to continuously expand our expertise in Adobe’s digital products.

Benefit from our agile approach and true Adobe expertise

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Our core values


Cultivate respect

We are tolerant and respectful, always challenging ourselves to foster an environment that is conducive to excellence.


Never let the customer down

We aim to be a trusted partner, going the extra mile to meet expectations and deliver on our promises.


Give and accept feedback

Feedback is essential for development and growth, so we ask for it and we listen.


Don't take success for granted

We know our strengths and our weaknesses and we work to be prepared for change and new challenges.


Share, discuss and bring ideas to life

Knowledge is our most important value and ideas improve when discussed with others.


Exceed the highest standards and achieve results you are proud of

Quality must be the main force in everything we do.


Make Cognizant Netcentric a fun place to work

A positive work environment fuels visionary thinking and provides opportunities for growth and the exchange of ideas.


Never let your team down

We always put the team's objectives before our own and support each other to achieve a common goal.

Meet our leaders

Meet the people leading Cognizant Netcentric towards greater growth and innovation.

Gerhard Gerner


Gerhard Gerner’s dedication to the community and digital solutions expertise are key drivers of Cognizant Netcentric’s success. As co-founder and CEO, his focus is on people, technological progress and best-in-class solutions. In his leadership role, he enables the Cognizant Netcentric team to achieve outstanding results and explore the new. Gerhard brings a wealth of international experience in software development and managing teams. Thanks to his expertise in Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions, he has established himself as a trusted advisor to Cognizant Netcentric customers and the industry beyond. His commitment to Cognizant Netcentric’s core values is reflected in his strategic vision of the company’s future through to day-to-day operations.

Neeloy Saha

Associate Vice President

Neeloy has developed a reputation as a digital expert with more than 20 years of leadership & technological excellence in the digital transformation of global brands over the last 20 years. With a focus on customer-centricity, Neeloy has created award-winning consumer-facing products that encompass strategy, creativity, and technology. Neeloy has a proven track record of building high-performance teams and incubating technology practices from scratch. Neeloy has led multiple global teams through the successful adoption of agile methodologies, dev-ops automation & cloud engineering. Neeloy has a Bachelor of Technology degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Indian Institute of Management.

Sayari Sengupta

Portfolio Delivery Lead

Dan Beldiman

Head of People Empowerment, Principal Solution Architect

Dan is a proud Cognizant Netcentric co-founder and a Solutions Architect for both Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign. He is focused on infrastructure and operations and has designed numerous AEM and AC setups, with an emphasis on operational reliability. Dan is regularly engaged in fire-fighting missions and has successfully stabilised AEM setups for various clients around the world. Dan now leads Cognizant Netcentric's System Engineering team and is accountable for running and growing our subsidiary in Romania. When not working, Dan enjoys travelling - he has visited 60 countries and counting!

Piotr Zabiello

Head of Consulting

Piotr is a trained economist with an MBA in Business Engineering and nearly 30 years’ start-up and corporate experience. He is now a highly experienced consultant, senior project manager and executive line manager with extensive expertise in the Enterprise IT domain. Piotr describes himself as a CQ / AEM and Web Technologies "veteran", serving as Senior Vice President of Global Services & Support for Day Software from 2000 to 2009. A supporter of Cognizant Netcentric's annual sailing event, Piotr has offered himself for the role of Skipper of Cognizant Netcentric's Corporate Yacht (should this become a reality).

Katharina Schweighart

Head of Delivery

Katharina is responsible for setting the strategic direction for our Delivery by supporting our clients' missions and steering our capabilities accordingly. She focuses on empowering our people and teams, to ensure the successful delivery of all client services. Katharina has over 15 years of experience in software development. She has successfully led large, complex IT projects as program lead and account manager and is passionate about fostering teamwork and people development. She holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Technical University Dresden and a Master's Degree with distinction in Informatics from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Urs Bucher

Chief Marketing Officer

Urs started his career in IT over 30 years ago and moved on to sales & marketing positions since then. As Director New Business he is responsible for the successful growth of business in our Zurich studio. He considers himself a hopeless optimistic, even after all those years in IT, digital and marketing. The proud father loves good food and wine and is a passionate TEDster.

Georgiana Gheorghe

Head of Organizational Agility

Since she joined Cognizant Netcentric, she has set a focus on building a PMO service that has become a key player in the way best practices are collected and shared across client projects, supporting successful delivery and providing Key Performance Indicators for external and internal use. Before Cognizant Netcentric, Georgiana has led global teams and conducted research projects related to social enterprises. Her positive attitude, attention to detail, and focus on optimization are the key skills that recommend Georgiana in her current role, supporting the entire Cognizant Netcentric Delivery in their pursuit of transforming our customers into fans of Cognizant Netcentric.

Stefan Heimann

Head of Growth, Director Consulting

Stefan has been working for more than 20 years in the field of professional software development in management roles and as an architect.

He successfully managed and grew up one of Cognizant Netcentric's key accounts for many years, where he led all strategic and commercial initiatives. Stefan is now heading an industry domain and the global Account & Growth group within Cognizant Netcentric.

His extensive experience in the field of software engineering, consulting and digital marketing especially with Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions enables him to effectively bridge business needs and technical possibilities to achieve best-in-class results for the customer.

Rasmus Frick

Director Consulting and Business Development

Rasmus has more than 20 years of experience in positions in various industries, and now more than 12 years in IT consulting. He has always focused on IT related processes that interface between company and their end customer. Rasmus is leading the global business development team and acts as circle lead of the Holacracy embassy. He holds a diploma in mechanical engineering from ETH Zurich and an Executive MBA from WHU/Kellogg. Besides spending time with his family, he enjoys playing the saxophone and mountain sports.

Fritz Oleinek

Senior Director Marketing Technology Consulting

With over 20 years of professional experience as a senior manager and at C-level in the field of Marketing Technology, Fritz has an in-depth understanding of all relevant areas, including infrastructure, information architecture, content, technology and digital marketing strategies. This enables him to “speak” both languages – Marketing and Technology, so he is perfectly placed to translate clients’ business requirements into granular, IT specifics. And he can also communicate challenges emanating from IT and development teams to clients and work with them to solve complex problems.

Dr. Peter Scheytt

Senior Director Business Consulting

Peter is recognized as a leader of complex transformation projects. He has almost 20 years of experience in building strong consulting teams, delivering value-adding international IT and business programs. His mission is "improving the customer experience of our customers' customers.” He will lead the growing Business Consulting Circle at Cognizant Netcentric. Peter holds a master’s degree in computer science and a PhD in management. He teaches university courses in business transformation and management, speaks four languages and is a passionate triathlete.

Stefan Franck

Senior Director

One of Cognizant Netcentric’s co-founders, Stefan is an expert in shaping solutions for clients - from requirements analysis to project specification and more. Stefan sees himself as the link between business and technology and, for over ten years now, he has filled various roles as architect, project lead and lead consultant. Stefan's focus is on the Adobe Marketing Cloud and AEM, to which he is strongly connected from his days at Day Software and Adobe. He says that co-founding Cognizant Netcentric was one of the best choices in his professional life. Never before been able to work with so many brilliant people.

Shailesh Gaikwad

Senior Director Digital Business

Shailesh leads the Cognizant Netcentric India Delivery Studio and is responsible for its successful growth. He grew up in the IT consulting world and has seen numerous client organizations with a variety of IT solutions and technical environments. His extensive experience in the software and technology industry in global companies enables him to drive customer projects to success.

Dominik Lienemann

Principal Solutions Architect

Dominik has worked in the field of content management for over ten years and has been in the project business his entire professional career. He has led implementation projects for many large clients in the automotive, finance and energy sectors. He has also gathered a wealth of experience developing customer-specific solutions based on AEM and is highly skilled at transforming business requirements into stable, production-ready, usable solutions. Joining the Cognizant Netcentric story right from the start still makes him proud and he enjoys working with so many highly skilled professionals every day.

Konrad Windszus

Principal Solutions Architect

Konrad has been working for more than 10 years with Adobe Experience Manager mostly in the role of an Architect, creating big system architectures and devising APIs either from scratch or integrating already existing third-party components. Since his early years, he has been a passionate software developer and very committed to the Open Source Software community. Konrad has published several tools on Github and contributed to several Apache projects. Since 2014 he has been a committer at Apache Sling the underlying Web Framework of Adobe's AEM.

Oscar Farga

Senior Software Engineer

With a career spanning nearly 20 years, Oscar is a highly experienced and senior Java web developer and team mentor. Developing portals, intranets, e-commerce websites, web applications and advanced digital signatures, over the years he has also built up and led successful teams, delivering complex projects in a wide variety of business verticals. These range from public administration, banking, broadcasting, retail, online gaming, automotive to pharmaceuticals. Oscar loves funk music, travelling and learning languages. He is also committed to the preservation of primates.

Georg Henzler

Principal Solution Architect

Georg has grown up with the web space from the very beginning and has helped enterprises to design their solution for it from the time when images were first added to their web sites. Today he shapes the way Cognizant Netcentric delivers IT projects technically by continuously evolving the development process and automating infrastructure to the last slash. Amongst being a committer for Apache Sling (the web framework in AEM) he has contributed to many other open source projects and talks regularly at tech conferences. He loves Cognizant Netcentric for its culture of "Share, discuss and bring ideas to life"!

Scott Simmer

Senior Director Marketing Automation

Since the early 90's, Scott participated in the birth of Customer Relationship Management software and database marketing, followed it through the early days of campaign management over several technology platforms, and now brings this passion for customer data-oriented marketing to Cognizant Netcentric clients every day. With a background in customer-centric strategy and analytics, and holding multiple certifications for Adobe Campaign, Scott helps guide Cognizant Netcentric's Enterprise customers and technical teams on journeys where the destinations is an effective modern omnichannel marketing.

Markus Seidel

Director Business Consulting

Markus has been working in business consulting for 20+ years. Ten years ago, he decided to focus on transformation management and has successfully led several large international projects and programs in this area. Markus is known to be fully committed to his clients and takes responsibility for their success. From the outside-in view along the whole customer journey to the corresponding internal organisation, processes and IT, Markus masters the interdependencies between these (digital) transformation streams and ensures success by accompanying projects with professional change management.

Valdas Jasaitis

Director Software Engineering

A highly educated and experienced professional with a Computer Science from Vilnius University in his native Lithuania, Valdas has over 15 years of experience in leading web projects based on Java. Since joining Cognizant Netcentric in 2012 he has been actively engaged in developing Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions for a variety of different clients - with a strong focus on Adobe Experience Manager, customer analytics and data science technologies. Outside work Valdas is also committed marathon runner, tailors his own shirts, and has even appeared in the Game of Thrones TV series.

Michaela Eibert

Principal UX Consultant

Michaela has more than 15 years of experience as a UX consultant and Senior Art Director, with vast experience working across departments to bring clients’ digital marketing strategies to life. Michaela has connected products, services, user needs, and business goals for the past ten years to create impactful and meaningful end-products. Her strong design background and her passion for strategic working enable her to approach UX Design with a holistic approach and deliver bar-raising experiences.

Miriam Ariza Gómez

Principal UX Consultant

With over 14 years of experience as a UX consultant and designer, Miriam has led UX projects within multinational, multi-company, interdisciplinary, and large-scale Scrum teams. With a strong background in the automotive, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries, Miriam is experienced in developing and implementing UX strategies, concepts and managing the holistic design of omnichannel marketing orchestrations. Miriam holds an undergraduate degree in Communication Design. She has a strong design background, passion for strategic working, and experience in transforming ideas into business opportunities.

Matthias Gau

Director UX Consultant

Matthias has over 20 years of experience working closely with business, design and development in digital business and product development projects. He has extensive experience in leading UX/design projects as well as migration and product development projects in multinational, multi-company, interdisciplinary, large scale project setups. As an entrepreneur, as well as Product Manager for international enterprises, Matthias built up a strong design and experience strategy focus complimenting his technical background.

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