Holacracy @ Cognizant Netcentric

Fostering a highly agile, accountable, and collaborative organization

With Holacracy, every employee has a voice

Holacracy is the cornerstone of Cognizant Netcentric’s working culture, giving every employee the power to make changes within the organization.

This form of self-management, rather than conventional layers of micromanagement, is the key to empowering employees to make more meaningful decisions and drive meaningful change exactly when and where it’s needed.


Empower people

At Cognizant Netcentric we enable people to make their own decisions and drive change inside the company. The lack of traditional hierarchy empowers each individual to become a leader through their actions.

Distribute Authority

The traditional departments have been replaced by fluid circles, roles and responsibilities instead of traditional job titles, which allows us to remain agile, take faster decisions and encourage more collaboration between our teams and studios.

Drive Creativity

We created an environment that fosters creativity and encourages people to take on different roles across the organization, thus allowing them to interact with individuals with different backgrounds and from different circles.

Energize Your Role

Holacracy allows every role and circle to autonomously and constantly take the decisions. Each role or circle has a purpose to express, domains to control, and accountabilities to perform, which means that you are the one in charge of managing your own work.

Discover how Holacracy fits into our company culture

Holacracy aligns with who we are and how we work as an organization and empowers us to make the right decisions at the right time. With Holacracy, you have a very different type of leading, guiding, and way of processing tensions. Check more about this directly from our colleagues.

We go into the details in our podcast episode featuring two of our Holacracy experts driving our culture forward everyday.

Listen below!