Enabling cross-channel marketing at Raiffeisen


This project centered on creating a new cross-channel marketing solution for Raiffeisen Schweiz. Before this project, a key challenge facing our client was the fact that their previous solution didn’t sufficiently consolidate data insights to give them a comprehensive map of campaign success. As such, the goal of this joint project was to introduce automation to their email campaigns using Adobe Campaign to optimize lead generation and streamline user flows.

Another challenge this project addressed was the need to integrate the solution with the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC), which meant connecting the AEC and our client’s core banking system. Finally, Raiffeisen Schweiz eventually needed to be able to enable multi-language support for the system.



When approaching this project, we began with a vision discovery phase to gain a picture of our client’s current digital marketing operations, the external services they were using and existing customer communications. From this, we began building a cross-functional working group that incorporated members from multiple Raiffeisen departments that would come together to deliver this project as a single unit. A vital part of our approach therefore was involving stakeholders and representatives from different areas of the business from the outset, enabling development, testing, and business teams to collaborate closely on the end product.

We then pinpointed a set of viable, prioritized use cases for leveraging the Adobe Experience Cloud with a focus on Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager. For our approach, Adobe Campaign was used to manage email marketing, Analytics as an enabler for end-to-end lead tracking and AEM to ensure a consistent customer experience across channels.


The main kick-off for this transformation took place in February of 2019, with the first email campaign going live at the end of May 2019. This go-live acted as a blueprint for other campaigns, so our client could tailor their subsequent campaigns based on its performance. The initial campaign went extremely smoothly, driving a high conversion rate. As such, it was followed by the go-live of the second campaign in August 2019 and the third in November 2019, which each spotlighting a different Raiffeisen product to be shared with relevant audiences.

Throughout this process, Cognizant Netcentric provided consulting competency in Adobe Campaign, AEM and Analytics. We applied a multi-solution architecture to leverage AEC applications (Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign) in combination with the Raiffeisen core banking system in order to build a comprehensive solution that allowed Raiffeisen to invest in their AEC platform strategy with maximum ROI. Once the solution was live, we continued to work closely with our client and supported them during the initial campaign operations to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform.


For this implementation, we used a predominantly agile approach, working cross-functionally with representatives from many business areas. The Cognizant Netcentric team worked using a well-balanced team setup that incorporated on-site and nearshore working in order to meet the project requirements. We delivered in small increments every two weeks, so Raiffeisen could provide feedback on the outcome before each campaign went live.

During the process, we focused not just on the new software solution, but the organizational changes needed to leverage that solution effectively. As such, we collaboratively established a new organizational setup to make the transition to the new solution as smooth as possible. Cognizant Netcentric also shared best practices and delivered training sessions to further support operational campaigning. This meant designing new roles and business processes across Raiffeisen to surround the implementation. Indeed, throughout the project we complemented our technical application with an awareness of the sensitive interpersonal side of such a transformation: managing change and optimizing workflows. The success of the project is the result of a close and productive working partnership between Cognizant Netcentric and Raiffeisen that allowed us to adapt to changes quickly and overcome challenges together.


The Adobe Campaign product was at the heart of this project, though we also leveraged Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager. Email templates were generated in AEM which allowed the marketing team to send emails in different languages and localize content accordingly.

These templates were then pushed into Adobe Campaign where the campaign manager could select the right audience and push the email. This was also integrated into Analytics, meaning the performance of the campaign could be carefully monitored, as users were directed to landing pages tailored for specific email marketing campaigns. In order to ensure coherent lead processing, integrating with the Raiffeisen core-banking system was also key.

Outcome and benefits

The main outcome of this project is a solution which forms the next step on Raiffeisen’s journey to achieving the full ROI of their AEC platform strategy. It also allows Raiffeisen to centralize their customer email communications in one place, even when working with multiple applications. Despite working in a new organizational area, Cognizant Netcentric was able to rapidly build and implement a variety of different use cases within short deadlines for our client, evidence of our expanded expertise across the Adobe Experience Cloud.

This new solution comes with notable benefits for Raiffeisen’s business operations, sales and marketing teams, and for their end-users, too. From a business perspective, the new solution is built with GDPR and security compliance in mind. Since our client needed to adhere to specific Swiss banking security standards, and evolving data regulations, this will prove strategically beneficial for years to come. The project will also help optimize lead generation from their email campaigns based on customer data insights and behavior triggers. It enables cost reductions by breaking down silos, automating batch campaigning and centralizing multiple applications in one place.

In addition, internal teams are now able to support, extend and operate the platform with reduced need for external support or intervention. They can easily manage communication preferences and track engagement with campaigns from a central application. As such, the results of this implementation can easily be measured based on business outcomes that will be seen right from the first year of service. These outcomes include cuts in marketing costs, increased revenues through lead generation and new possibilities for additional services. Finally, Raiffeisen’s end-users will benefit from an improved customer experience founded on more personalized and relevant communications.

The positive outcome of this project is a reflection of a great working relationship between Cognizant Netcentric and Raiffeisen. It also demonstrates Cognizant Netcentric’s expertise and experience in unlocking the benefits of Adobe’s advanced marketing products for leading brands worldwide.

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