Powering the customer experience strategy for Scandinavian fintech brand Infront with DXn CF

About Infront

Financial software, 75 years in the making

Over decades, this Scandinavian brand has evolved into one of Europe’s leading WealthTech companies today, leveraging data and technology to provide sophisticated wealth management and trading solutions. A notable fintech innovator, the company has spent decades helping wealth managers, traders, and other finance professionals act swiftly and nurture investments with a suite of responsive tools powered by rich, robust data.

But in the face of an ever-changing digital financial landscape, a break in tradition was necessary. Our client knew they needed not only a new approach to brand storytelling but an entirely new customer journey: one that would promote them as the cutting-edge solution provider in the burgeoning fintech landscape.

The challenge

A flexible and future-proof digital experience

The financial technology industry is not only highly competitive but also dominated by a certain “look and feel”; brands tend to feel fairly homogenous across the industry. Our client knew they could stand out by being down-to-earth and plain-spoken, addressing user needs directly rather than trying to dazzle them.

At present, the company was dealing not only with an outdated CMS but with a directionless self-serve online experience that left users immediately exposed to an overwhelming list of products and services. They were working within tight time constraints to revamp their brand and customer experience and needed a partner who could hit the ground running and execute quickly.

Our client’s goal was to build a website that would help them establish awareness of their sector, nurture brand recognition, and provide more functionality for current users, as well as future developers. As their chosen partner, the Cognizant Netcentric team knew this meant implementing a solution with flexible components and building blocks that would afford them maximum agility, as well as the ability to continue improving the website over time for a truly streamlined user experience – and getting this all online as quickly as possible.

Our approach

Operationalizing collaboration and agility

This is where Cognizant Netcentric’s content management accelerator, DXn CF, came in. With DigitalXn, the templating, and customization for the leading CMS – AEMaaCS – is sped up considerably while ensuring Adobe's standards and best practices. This enabled us to help our client implement a better user experience and a more flexible website creation process as quickly as possible.

DXn CF is an accredited solution provider by Adobe, built by a team of highly skilled solution architects with expertise in over 50 projects and a collective experience of 200+ years. Our architects have developed this cutting-edge solution by implementing all Adobe standards along with Cognizant Netcentric's best practices. We understand the importance of staying ahead in the game, and that's why we equip brands with features and functionalities to help them move fast, engage customers, and build loyalty.

By upgrading their current existing CMS to AEMaaCS, we equipped their organization with a tech stack that would future-proof their success. By prioritizing features that empower multi-departmental flexibility and collaboration, we knew DXn CF was the perfect solution to give our client a competitive edge.

CMS solutions like DXn CF are ideal for brands that:

  • Are considering bringing together digital marketing across multiple channels with Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Need to build targeted experiences at speed and within budget
  • Want to improve marketing without depending on external agencies
  • Feel held back by legacy IT landscape and processes, and crave agility and flexibility

Our solution

The build-as-you-go solution

DXn CF is a combination of the best practices, standards, and implementation to ensure marketing and content teams can get the most out of Adobe Experience Cloud. With highly configurable, ready-to-use templates and components and pre-configured integrations to other AEC services, it empowers content delivery at another level.

We followed a set of key steps implementing DXn CF for our client:

Define – we started by defining their website creation needs and examining the workflows and resources they had in place.

Migrate – we initiated the migration of existing content structures from CMS using scripts.

Infrastructure – we set up their environment with flexibility and customization in mind.

Implementation - we used DXn CF as the core of the solution. Leveraging the theming and component catalog support of DXn CF, the first usable websites were up and running in record time, showing positive results early on and providing a great environment to visualize what was possible.

Training & UAT – we offered ongoing training in content management, design, and user testing to set the team up for success.

Ongoing Support – we worked closely with the team through every step of the journey, consulting and exploring further features as the project evolved.

With decades of experience building solutions across different industries, Cognizant Netcentric has an in-depth understanding of the needs of different verticals and markets and can adapt them to any client who needs our services.

The details

Our DXn CF package is comprised of:

  • Highly configurable, ready-to-use components based on core components
  • Predefined standards for content setup ensuring support for MSM, Launch, etc.
  • Setup of groups with defined access rights according to best practices (easily adaptable thanks to the open-source AC tool maintained by Cognizant Netcentric)
  • Built-in SEO optimization
  • Themeable website design
  • Integrations to other Adobe Experience Cloud services, pre-configured and built-in
  • Delivery for full HTML pages as well as headless delivery for multi-channel output
  • Editor documentation delivered directly from within AEM
  • (This solution is optimized for AEMaaCS, but is also usable with SAP’s AMS and self-hosted environments.)

DXn CF includes the following technologies:

  • AEMaaCS
  • AEM Sites
  • Adobe Launch & Analytics
  • Access Control tool (built and maintained by Cognizant Netcentric)


A user experience with impact thanks to the right solution

With DXn CF, this fintech pioneer lost no time in opening a new chapter on their digital journey. By utilizing a catalog of components as building blocks and using existing assets to their full potential, their vision was no longer impeded by their tools and processes.

Where there were once obstacles and delays, there was now a blank canvas bursting with possibilities. Collaboration was more agile than ever before, allowing their vision to swiftly come to life. Tight deadlines are no longer an issue, as skeleton wireframes could be constructed using existing designs and resources, building on what was already available rather than waiting for a full brief and project scope.

With a new, better website and the ability to innovate faster than ever, the company is now able to offer its users a more engaging experience. Internally, the organization is benefitting from a more agile, collaborative workflow. In a rapidly evolving industry, they can now innovate at pace and respond to market changes quickly and efficiently.

As more website pages go live and traffic starts pouring in, our client is now confident in their ability to respond swiftly to evolving user needs, taking the company to new heights and proving a force to be reckoned with in the wealth management space.

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