Adobe specialization in Real-Time CDP for personalized customer experiences

Most organizations understand the importance of personalizing customer experiences and delivering the right offerings at the right time. But how do brands move towards delivering personalization systematically, and at scale? Leveraging customer data is key.

With customers today expecting more personalized experiences than ever before, the demand for Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP) is soaring among enterprise businesses around the world. Built on Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), Real-Time CDP lets businesses harness cross-channel data to create real-time customer and account profiles that are ready for activation anywhere in the marketing funnel, without relying on third-party cookies, (which are slowly being sunsetted).

We’re proud to announce Cognizant Netcentric’s latest achievement of Adobe Real-Time CDP Specialization. This milestone marks our eighth specialization as part of the Adobe Solution Partner Program, alongside our recent renewed status as a Adobe Global Platinum Partner.

As Cognizant's Adobe practice, our global team of more than 4,700 Adobe experts now holds 8 specializations and over 1,100 Adobe certifications. This status reflects our commitment to continuously growing and nurturing our expertise in the Adobe tech stack.

For over eleven years, we've built scalable digital solutions for leading global brands, helping them transform not just their enterprise digital marketing capabilities, but also transform their organizations as well. The solutions and transformations we’ve implemented help connect brands with their customers and deliver exceptional experiences, meeting today's consumer expectations. This is how we help brands achieve customer experience excellence.

What is Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform?

Adobe’s Real-Time CDP enables brands to build customer profiles that power experiences in real-time. By unifying data across brand channels into holistic and real-time customer profiles, brands can activate offers, campaigns, experiences anywhere and at a level of personalization that delights. Customer preferences have never been more important to respect and leverage, which is why we’ve invested in building this expertise in house, ready to deliver for our clients.

Why invest in the right data infrastructure and strategies for your brand?

In the cookie-less world, first party data is key to effective marketing and delivering the experiences that build customer engagement and loyalty long-term. For both B2C and B2B businesses, getting the results that matter means prioritizing leveraging customer data and investing in data-driven marketing strategies.

At Cognizant Netcentric, we work with companies to build solid data foundations along with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure to power their marketing and experience operations, unifying data across sources to build enriched customer profiles and automate tailored customer journeys. From building enriched 360-degree customer profiles in real-time to building powerful data foundations and visualizing brand performance, our offerings help businesses leverage the power of personalization. This new specialization certifies our capabilities to offer this for the business ready to take the leap.

Cognizant Netcentric is an Adobe Global Platinum Partner

Cognizant’s long-standing partnership with Adobe has grown into a powerful 17-year strategic alliance, focused on driving innovation and digital transformation for clients. A major milestone in this journey was Cognizant's acquisition of Netcentric in 2017, now known in the market as Cognizant Netcentric. Cognizant Netcentric is the unified, global Center of Excellence, representing the consolidated Adobe expertise within Cognizant. Together, we have fostered strong, long-term client partnerships that have led to 95% of business coming from repeat clients.

About Cognizant Netcentric

At Cognizant Netcentric, we are dedicated to building scalable Adobe Experience Cloud solutions that empower brands to connect with their customers through business-critical digital experiences. Leveraging our proven expertise and multiple Adobe certifications, we utilize cutting-edge technology and best practices to address unique digital marketing challenges. As a trusted business partner, we guide our clients through every step of the transformation process. Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve excellence in customer experience and thrive in the digital era.

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