Exploring the path to QA Engineering

The field of Quality Assurance (QA) is dynamic and growing fast within the tech industry. As demand and interest in the discipline grow, Netcentric is committed to sharing our knowledge and growing the QA community by hosting our QA Academy for those looking to jumpstart their career.

The QA team at Netcentric has grown considerably in recent years. Many of our teammates started as mentees and transitioned into being mentors themselves as they took on bigger, more complex projects. With teams distributed across 11 countries and a variety of dynamic projects, there is plenty of room to learn and grow. “Even when you have the main project and ‘family’, you work with so many others on different projects. I enjoy the mix of cultures working with Spain and Romania,” said Lucia Huru - Quality Engineer.

Netcentric’s team in Romania is almost 150 experts strong, mainly (but not exclusively) focused on QA, Software Development, and Digital Marketing. While our Romanian HQ is located in central Bucharest, with a studio in Timpuri Noi, our team enjoys a flexible working environment, with a home office and remote setups in other cities.

What do you enjoy the most about QA?

QA Engineering is the career for problem-solvers and detectives at heart. For most, it starts with an innate curiosity and a love of figuring out how things work. In QA, they get to apply those investigative skills to make the product better.

“Looking at a product from different angles, tracking bugs, and suggesting improvements give me a certain satisfaction because it allows me to be creative,” says Theodora Opinca, Quality Automation Engineer. As a technical role that requires us to see the big picture, experiment, and push limits, our QA Engineers need a deep understanding of how things work to be able to find the holes and suggest solutions.

Why QA? What made you choose a career in this field?

Aside from being a high-demand job with many opportunities to grow, the path of QA is highly dynamic. While the essential purpose of QA remains relatively constant, the landscape, problems, and tools they work with are constantly evolving. “The tools and processes I use today are never the same as they were last year. It’s a dynamic, versatile, and constantly evolving role and a sort of chameleon career path that never stands still,” says Andreea Vitan - Senior Quality Engineer.

Many QA Engineers delight in the holistic nature of the job. Our QA Engineers get to be dot-connectors, understanding the product from multiple perspectives and thinking about the entire lifecycle of its development to ensure the quality of the end product.

Our Andreea Vitan - Senior Quality Engineer says, “It’s fascinating to witness how a software feature evolves, beginning with the early planning and ending in the hands of customers. QA Engineers contribute to every step of the process; our job is to understand what the business is trying to accomplish, how developers can bring it to life, and how people will actually use it – then go about finding a hundred different ways to break it so that end-users receive a robust product.”

Having the final say in whether the product is ready to go to market is an important responsibility to carry, and it means that QA Engineers are able to see the tangible difference they make on the end product. Lucia Huru - Quality Engineer says, “I enjoy this responsibility and I love the process – seeing how the product comes into QA and what goes out to market in the end. Good QA makes an amazing difference.”

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The Netcentric QA Academy starts on May 16th, 2022. Led by industry experts, this remote program offers focused, quality training that equips you with the skills and knowledge to jumpstart your career in QA. Working with a big team that spans diverse experience levels and skillsets, is an ideal environment to accelerate your learning.

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