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Personalization Is The Engine, But Data Is The Fuel!

Fritz Oleinek and Harneet Kapil

Starting an Adobe Experience Platform project with the intention to do world-class personalization is exactly the right thing to do now. However, you need to do your data homework first! Let our experts show you how to massage your data so that it’s ready for prime time.

  • Learn about the different approaches to personalization
  • See the benefits of a data-led and experience-led approach
  • Get a first understanding of which approach works best for your situation

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Self-Service At Scale: Enhancing Customer Digital Experience

Stefan Heinmann and Cedric Verardo

Unleashing a platform with Adobe Experience Cloud and state-of-the-art digital products to your organization checks all the right boxes, but can you also do it in self-service mode? Our experts share their tricks of the trade so that you too can embrace the next level of digital experience.

  • Learn how digital go-to-market strategies of brands can be accelerated
  • Enjoy the power of self-enablement and see how migrations can be supported efficiently by automation
  • Understand how a product mindset alongside technical innovation can achieve a great CX and be rolled out on a large scale

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Maximizing a Global Digital Asset Management Rollout

Stefan Franck, Vera Reljic and Andreas Grass

Learn how leading European financial services provider Allianz has enriched its Adobe license stack with a global state-of-the-art digital asset management (DAM) system to centralize marketing visuals. Andreas Grass, Global Head of Digital Brand Experience at Allianz SE, and experts from Netcentric, A Cognizant Digital Business explain how they managed to standardize its use based on a governance model for its internal entities and external partners. Gain exclusive insights on how to successfully scale up and rollout markets across the globe.

Learn how to:

  • Plan a global rollout for over 70 markets – and make it actually happen
  • Go “glocal” – customize for individual markets
  • Define smart KPIs to measure success

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