Supporting group in developing their website to the industry leader standards

We worked with group to enable their AEM platform to support the future

Industry: Travel

Capabilities: AEM

The challenge

As one of the leading online travel agencies in Europe with high volumes of data traffic, it is important to have the sites up to speed with the latest technology and upgrades.Currently only sites were hosted on the AEM platform. Netcentric was asked to support the push to bring in other brands owned by the group.


The idea

Netcentric began work on migrating brands to the platform. To fully appreciate the new features, enhanced development and maintenance options we suggested to upgrade first.

Compelling evidence was brought to senior management that an upgrade would greatly speed up the work, bring new features and thus offer many advantages to the uniquely online driven business model.

The execution

The upgrade was planned jointly with IT and business stakeholders. We held a workshop in Netcentric offices in Barcelona to define scope, identify risks and mitigations, timeline and milestones. The output was translated into sprints and resulted in a successful upgrade in the beginning of July, 6 weeks after the initial workshop.

The results

The upgrade to AEM 6.1 brought amongst a variety of new features within the wider Adobe Marketing Cloud suite many features to enhance the current and live site. We guaranteed operational stability with a robust architecture to ensure capability for future brands hosted on the platform.

As a direct outcome we shortened the development process for new features, components and templates thanks to more efficient languages supported by AEM 6.1 such as sightly, sling, etc. We increased the time to market and delivery output, while improving collaboration amongst front- and backend and system engineering.

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