Building the Future of Online Retail Banking

With Raiffeisen, we pushed the boundaries of online retail banking technology.

Industry: Banking

Capabilities: Multi-channel marketing, lead generation, digitalisation

The challenge

Imagine if every customer could apply for a home mortgage at any time or any place they liked. Wouldn’t that be great?

As the market leaders for home mortgages in Switzerland, Raiffeisen’s vision was to do exactly this. Making it possible for customers to apply online for a home mortgage.

Raiffeisen provided the business logic and the back-end systems, and all they required was a single-page application that was responsive in design, supported multiple languages, was flexible to update content shown within the application and, of course, a superior user experience. 

So our challenge was to develop a straightforward and easy to use front-end application built using AngularJS.

The idea

We chose not to build the Online Hypothek application in the traditional Model-View-Controller (MVC) way of structuring applications. Instead, we chose a more modern component-based architecture similar to Angular 2 and React. Using AngularJS gave us the opportunity to deliver highly interactive, and responsive user interfaces with ease.

The execution

We wrote the whole application in the latest version of JavaScript (EcmaScript 2015), which offers great constructs for building large scale applications, and it was helpful in encouraging us to keep our code-base nice and clean.

Not all browsers support these modern features, so we used JSPM in combination with SystemJS to bundle and transpile our application to JavaScript code that all browsers understand. To ensure high-quality application code, we used the code analysis tool ESLint in our building process in combination with the Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide.

This is a fantastic way to force all programmers on the team to write clean and consistent code for better maintainability.

The results

Not only did the Online Hypothek application tool go live but this was also the first AngularJS application built by Netcentric.

Raiffeisen has approximately 290 individual banks, most of which are to offer the Online Hypothek application.

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