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Identifying & Solving Your Digital Marketing Challenges


Boost the ROI of your CX solution with our virtual Pain Points Workshop

With our virtual Pain Points Workshop, we will walk you through identifying and solving the main challenges facing your brand across your digital marketing ecosystems.


The bespoke workshop is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. By considering pain points in your technology, organization and operations, we’ll pinpoint the roadblocks that are stopping you from achieving your CX objectives and leveraging your digital platform to its full capabilities.


During the half-day virtual workshop, you and your team will work together with our experts to derive and prioritize fields of action. By identifying solution areas and quick wins we can help you optimize your technology adoption, improve conversion rates and boost customer loyalty to ensure the cost efficiency of your business going forward.

To find out more about our virtual Pain Points workshop and future-proof your digital operations, get in touch with our experts today.

Why take part in our virtual Pain Points Workshop?

By pinpointing and overcoming the main challenges in your digital marketing ecosystems, your business can:

  • Improve the ROI of your CX solution
  • Drive technology adoption
  • Increase the impact of digital marketing on your business
  • Get a fresh view on your ecosystem from Netcentric’s award-winning digital
How, where and when does it take place?
  • Half-day virtual workshop using web conferencing and online collaboration tools
  • Any time at your convenience
  • Time-boxed workshop using our proven double-diamond approach
Who is involved?



  • YOUR digital marketing team, e.g. CMO, Platform Architect, Tech Lead, Content and Campaign Managers
  • OUR team of experts including leading System Architects and solutions experts for Content and Campaign Management