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Discover how you can boost your digital toolset operation to deliver cutting-edge CX.

Today’s ever-evolving digital marketing landscape is full of challenges. Insights and expertise are needed at every step to operate Adobe Experience Cloud tools efficiently and nurture meaningful customer journeys.

By partnering with our Marketing Operations team, you can drive seamless customer experiences through marketing analytics, automation and content management.

Analytics Operations

Data Analysis

Analyze data across reports in order to review website and campaign performance, improving conversion rates and identifying new marketing audiences and opportunities.

Account Management & Maintenance

Streamline template creation and management, including regular cleanups and setting governance rules for a healthy tool utilization.

Expert advice & investigation

Learn how to build reports, interpret and investigate your data for maximum insight.


We run group training/one-to-one sessions to empower you and help you to leverage Adobe Analytics for your own specific needs.

Content Operations

Content management and rollout

Ensure your content activity is fully operational including updates and rollouts in new markets.

Multi-site management

Extend your online presence in any market or geolocation using live-copy AEM functionalities.

Components and templates

Leverage all AEM features to simplify your daily operations.

Expert advice and recommendations

Learn how to interact with AEC tools and understand their full functionalities and capabilities.

Enrich your digital landscape with our smart operations

Marketing Automation

Campaign Orchestration

Analyze capabilities, targetable audience, and available channels. Compare findings with existing possibilities to increase deliverability, customer retention, and campaign engagement rates.


Analyze multiple factors impacting deliverability and authentication such as ISPs, MTAs, throttling, bounces, bulking, spam issues, etc. Devising deliverability techniques constantly updated to latest market standards.

Expert advice and optimization

Process improvement and optimization in order to shorten execution time by designing reusable and easy-to-personalize templates.

Lead scoring

Build coherent scoring models to measure customer interaction value, improving conversion rates.

Enhanced operations

Personalization & optimization

Leverage all the tools for personalized experiences and optimize customer journey touchpoints for higher conversion rates.

Cross-channel operations

Unify tool operations into a coherent operational strategy by adding SEO, campaign execution or any other cross-channel discipline.

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