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Analytics and Data Driven Marketing Solutions

At Cognizant Netcentric we apply an end-to-end approach when it comes to mastering data challenges. We believe in a proper tracking strategy that will enable your business to leverage products, services, your applications and ecosystem, and finally your performance. 


Our Data-Driven Experts orchestrate your transformation and guide you through the process while adapting itself to your particular circumstances. We provide an integrated strategy and cover all relevant disciplines from tracking to managing your campaigns and effectively measuring your KPIs.

Web Analytics & Tag Management

Tracking Strategy | Account Setup | Cross Channel Tracking | Consent Management | Data Governance 

Targeting & Personalization


Audience & Targeting Management | Segmentation | Funnel Optimization




A/B Testing | Multivariate Testing | Conversion Optimization


Campaign Management

Campaign Tracking  | Campaign Optimization  | Customer Journey Management

Reporting & Dashboarding

Operational & Management Dashboards  | Reporting | KPI Management


Data Program Management

Data Solutions Project Management  | Analytics Project Management | End to End Program Management

Marketing Technology Platforms

Consulting | Engineering | Optimization | Consent Management


CDP Customer Data Platform

Data Collection | Data Intelligence | Data Modeling | Data Activation | User Profiling | Data Governance 

Create unique experiences using smart data

Mastering powerful data-driven experiences matter more than ever before: Digital transformation has accelerated exponentially in the last few years, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and several trends are coming to light.

How do you stay ahead of the change?


Personalization Is The Engine, But Data Is The Fuel!


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