Building a platform for digital marketing success

Daimler engages with Netcentric to create a fast, flexible and intelligent web experience to support the entire customer lifecycle.

Industry: Automotive

Capabilities: AEM, Lead Generation, Digitalisation

The challenge

Daimler has been using AEM for various platforms to target different audiences since 2003. These include some of the largest projects ever realised with this technology.

In order to better support an integrated, meaningful, personalised and context-relevant customer journey going forward, it became clear that these separate platforms needed to converge into one. One platform that is able to serve content to all these different audiences worldwide, taking into account customer context, his or her interests and stage in the lifecycle.

From their experience accumulated by managing previous projects with different suppliers, the team at Daimler knew that not only did they need to change the way they work, they also needed the best AEM experts available.      

The idea

After an extensive and thorough selection process, we managed to convince Daimler that we were the right partners to lead them towards better agility by demonstrating our unparalleled expertise with AEM.

The execution

We introduced our project approach to Daimler with great success and were able to show the advantages of our methodology and processes, first by creating the absolute transparency we promised and then by generating the desired results to the required quality.

When we started jointly designing the new platform, we created an all-encompassing concept for it. This covered all aspects of the evolving Adobe Marketing Cloud-based platform, including: 

  • The Adobe solutions, architecture, integrations, and infrastructure
  • The process landscapes for operations
  • The organisational setup required running a state-of-the-art digital marketing platform and the successful initiatives with it.

The Mercedes-Benz brand in the UK was chosen as the first pilot market for this new unified web experienced. Based on a harmonised technical infrastructure with consistent supporting processes, this was the first key step change towards ever more agility for Daimler – agility that will be needed on all sides to support the planned roll-out of this solution to over 100 countries worldwide.

The Results

The successful launch of the new UK C-Class model overview page on the new platform - using all the new and agile processes – has shown all parties that new concepts work and can be further evolved to support Daimler’s digital transformation.

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