Marketing in the age of GenAI: a playbook for leadership

How to seize the marketing opportunities posed by GenAI whilst minimizing risk

Generative AI, or GenAI, is radically transforming how people interact with information. Able to work with entirely unstructured data regardless of system requirements, it offers unforeseen flexibility and expansiveness when it comes to innovation.

Marketing leaders who deploy GenAI safely and strategically today stand to differentiate themselves at a magnitude far greater than the standard “first mover” wins. But they must also prepare for a radically different landscape. Discover the opportunities, risks, and threats posed by GenAI and how brands can overcome them to maximize marketing outcomes.

In this whitepaper, you’ll discover:

  • The adoption benefits of GenAI for experience marketers
  • The rise of the ‘answer engine’
  • Techniques to drive user preference by ‘winning the question’
  • Why marketing is the evolutionary arena for GenAI
  • Piloting GenAI tools from the Adobe Experience Cloud
  • How to navigate the threats posed by GenAI
  • Implications of change in the GenAI marketing landscape
  • The Impacts of GenAI the content supply chain

Be the first mover and win

Marketers who deploy GenAI strategically will differentiate themselves even more than standard first movers. GenAI is transforming how we interact with information.

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