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Leverage machine learning for smarter AEM Assets

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Humans can no longer handle terabytes of assets, but machines can.

What worked yesterday won’t work tomorrow.


Being ready for the digital future means more than asset governance, curation and best practices. Now, brands need to s go beyond managing content to unlock the true potential of DAM solutions.


Cutting-edge technologies are being developed to optimize DAMs, such as natural language and machine learning, enabling brands to deliver smart assets and future proof their management and delivery. 


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  • Digital Asset Management 
  • AI & Machine Learning in Asset Management 
  • Netcentric Custom Assets outbound & inbound APIs
  • Digital asset management innovation: the Siemens case 
Outcomes & benefits

By enabling AEM and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to communicate with one another through the Netcentric custom-built Assets inbound API, we enable marketers and asset managers to significantly reduce time and effort spent on tiresome DAM tasks, by automating metadata generation. 


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