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A future-proof marketing solution for Raiffeisen’s global audience

Enabling cross— channel marketing at Raiffeisen: A platform strategy pays off

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Delivering a future-proof marketing solution for Raiffeisen’s global audience: Here’s how we did it

Enabling cross-channel marketing at Raiffeisen Schweiz.


A key challenge for the organization was that their existing solution could not consolidate the data findings. So, a new solution that provided a comprehensive map of their campaign success and could be fully integrated with the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) was needed. This also meant connecting AEC and the core banking system.

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  • Introduce automation into their email campaigns
  • Optimize lead generation
  • Streamline user flows


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Outcome and benefits

The main outcome of this project is a solution which forms the next step on Raiffeisen’s journey to achieving the full ROI of their AEC platform strategy. Now, Raiffeisen can centralize its customer email communications in one place, even when working with multiple applications.  


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