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Data-Driven Smart Content Is The Future Of Content Production

Vast and fast improvements in artificial intelligence and smart learning are automating more areas of content creation, production, and delivery. Asset management, categorization, and translation can now be auto-managed much more quickly and efficiently.

As the quality of machine-learned content production improves, data-driven smart content is becoming the future of content asset production, and smart solutions like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) are helping small and large companies achieve the content velocity they need.

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In this whitepaper, you’ll discover

  • Importance of scalable and internationalized asset creation
  • Digital content asset management And delivery with AEM
  • Connecting to the Digital Asset Management System (DAM)
  • Importance of modern metadata management and governance
  • Asset solutions: How AEM internationalizes your content assets

Outcome and benefits

Discover how to manage and scale your creative content to drive engagement and boost sales by leveraging smart solutions with Experience Manager & Audience Manager.

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