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How to grow your customer base using Adobe Campaign

Leverage our on-demand expertise to improve your customer experience with more automation

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About this webinar

We’ll show you how to target your customers based on their expectations and decisions using the latest features of Adobe Campaign and how to achieve results in a smart way by using the latest features to target your customers based on their decisions.

You will get unique insights on

  • Leveraging the key elements of Adobe Campaign Standard

  • Unlocking the full potential of Marketing Automation Solutions

  • Understanding the full capabilities of Adobe Campaign stack and how they can be used to analyze and implement data findings intelligently

  • Engaging in long-term business models to achieve full digital transformation


Flemming Lund Blixt

Principal Marketing Technology Consultant

With more than 25 years + experience in database, e-mail, and 1:1-marketing, I’ll guide you on leveraging customer data & IT solutions the best way possible, enabling you to maximize your business results and ROI and achieve your business goals.


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Vast and fast improvements in artificial intelligence and smart learning are automating more areas of content creation, production, and delivery. Asset management, categorization, and translation can now be auto-managed much more quickly and efficiently.

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Learning how to navigate the vast digital marketing ecosystem is crucial for businesses looking to stay competitive and grow in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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