Leveraging Adobe integrations to deliver personalized customer journeys at scale

Driving customer engagement at scale presents a unique set of challenges along with great payoffs for many brands. While marketing technology and applications have evolved to help businesses achieve previously unattainable feats like delivering dynamic content in real time or orchestrating customer experiences by the millions, businesses need to integrate their marketing stack properly to fully leverage their coordinated capabilities.

This is exactly the challenge that Cognizant Netcentric has been solving by building a connector solution between some of the most powerful tools offered by Adobe.

Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) enables businesses to manage omnichannel campaigns and individual experiences for millions of customers through a single application. To benefit from the full potential of AJO, companies need to integrate it with other Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) applications and non-Adobe marketing technologies that they’re using. One of the main AEC applications is AEM and its cloud offering, AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS), which is a cloud-native, enterprise-grade content management system.

Our solution

We built a connector solution to stream publishing events from AEMaaCS to AJO, enabling users to trigger customer journeys for specific audiences based on real-time AEMaaCS events.

These are some use cases that our solution can be applied to:

How it works

Marketers that need to set up use cases like the ones described above should take 3 simple steps in Adobe Journey Optimizer:

  1. Create a journey. Make sure it starts with an AEM event and is followed by a condition to check the name, path, and type of content that has been published.
  2. Identify the relevant audience using a segment.
  3. Select which channel(s) with which the message will be delivered, or let the user’s preferences drive this decision.

Behind the scenes, we used Adobe I/O Events and Adobe I/O Runtime to build our connector solution. Adobe I/O Events enables reactive integrations since applications are notified as soon as changes take place in other Adobe services, such as AEM.

In addition, Adobe IO Events work seamlessly with I/O Runtime in that Adobe I/O Events can trigger Adobe I/O Runtime Actions, which are serverless functions based on Apache OpenWhisk with Node.js runtime.

AEM to AJO Connector architecture

One of many possibilities
Our AEM to AJO connector enables marketers to deliver various personalized customer journeys within AJO based on content changes in AEM. This is just one example of how we can empower marketers by leveraging automation and the full power of the Adobe Martech stack through integrations, and one of the accelerator solutions we’ve built for successful AEP project implementations.

Interested in a showcase of this connector in the context of a full AJO-based Martech solution, or finding out more about its capabilities? Contact us to learn more, and discuss how we can help your business unlock the full benefits of the Adobe Experience Cloud.