Why it’s the right time to invest in marketing automation

While marketing automation is becoming more commonplace, many businesses have yet to leverage the full potential of this technology. The possibilities of marketing automation have far exceeded email newsletters and automated confirmations. With the right expertise and workflows, your team can tap into the potential of data to form comprehensive customer profiles that update in real-time and build highly personalized experiences. As a digital partner that has worked with businesses to customize powerful solutions with Adobe Experience Cloud, we’ve seen some of these transformations firsthand.

Let’s talk about 5 ways marketing automation can bring your business to the next level:

1. Find and nurture the right leads

Tracking, scoring, and segmenting the right leads to nurture is crucial to grow your business – but this effort becomes a challenge with scale, and this is where automation can be transformative to your operations. As a leading marketing suite of customer experience products, Adobe Experience Cloud offers solutions that include analytics, campaign orchestration, customer journey data mapping so you can scale your lead generation efforts easily and focus on the relationships that matter.

Image Source: Salesforce: What is Marketing Automation?

2. Create relevant, engaging email campaigns

Sending follow-up emails can bring up to a 250% increase in replies from your customers, while birthday emails can lead to up to a 60% increased conversion rate compared to a traditional sales promotion. This is how we were able to help a retail client increase web traffic by 10% by implementing a straightforward yet tailored welcome campaign using Adobe Campaign.

3. Boost engagement with mobile experiences

With over 3 billion people using smartphones globally, mobile experiences are an essential part of digital strategy. Using Adobe Campaign, we can help your business automate personalized in-app messages, tailored to custom parameters and localization. The tool can then help your team track engagement across different demographics, like iOS versus Android.

4. Retarget and capture leads who weren’t ready the first time

Despite your best efforts in crafting a perfect sales funnel, 97% of first-time visitors to a website leave without buying anything. This is why retargeting is so important. Buying a car, for example, is a big decision. Potential customers may land on your website at the beginning of this process, when they’re not ready to make a purchase at the moment. By using a tool like Adobe Analytics, you can help you keep those customers in mind, inferring from data to remarket the products that are most relevant to them, so they can make the best decision when they are ready.

5. Strengthen the partnership between sales & marketing

Aligning sales and marketing efforts will enable your team to synergize and achieve your company goals much more effectively. Since marketing automation immensely helps to capture quality leads, this also translates throughout the rest of the funnel, increasing sales productivity by up to 14.5%, and reducing marketing overhead by up to 12.2%. Both teams are empowered to spend less time on the unproductive grind and more time strategizing towards the big wins.

Image Source: Salesforce: What is Marketing Automation?

When effectively implemented, the value of marketing automation for your business is exponential. Saving your business’ valuable time and resources is one thing. Continuously integrating data and machine learning to make your marketing operations increasingly sophisticated over the long term is another.

Discover how Netcentric can help your business implement the latest features in Adobe Experience Platform to grow and engage your customer base by creating holistic experiences.