Learning and sharing at all times to build an even stronger AEC expert community

While businesses continue to adapt to the new normal, these times have shown us that investing in knowledge and building upon the community is even more key than ever before. As companies head into the next chapter, being digital-first is crucial, with many brands looking to optimize their processes to stay competitive. At Netcentric, our team has focussed on continuous learning during this period of uncertainty, advancing skills and expanding expertise of Adobe’s state-of-the-art digital platforms. They are able to give back to our community and clients by sharing the knowledge and experiences they have gained.

Giving back and sharing the knowledge gained

Over the last three months, the talented Netcentric team have invested extensively in building an even stronger community of Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) experts. While working from home and continuing to provide uninterrupted support and solutions for clients, our employees went far beyond ensuring business as usual and embarked on a journey of self-development to achieve AEC certifications.

A huge congratulations to all our employees who have achieved their new certifications over the past three months.

Their commitment to growing and achieving new goals over this period underlines Netcentric’s culture of staying ahead of the game in this ever-changing world. By learning from the best, they have enriched their knowledge of AEC to the highest standard. Thanks to all their hard work, these experts are already giving back to those around them, sharing their extensive knowledge of AEM, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Platform.

A true partnership with Adobe

It’s thanks to our position as an Adobe Platinum Partner that we’re able to work hand in hand with Adobe and have the incredible opportunity to receive as well as provide first-class training and certifications. By granting access to resources including training materials and giving individuals the chance to become certified experts in specific fields, applications, and offerings, we are equipped with the knowledge to unlock the full power of the AEC suite and deliver extraordinary solutions for clients.

Now, we look forward to continuing our learning in our community and alongside Adobe, overcoming new challenges together and expanding our team of certified AEC experts even further.