Why you should be leveraging the power of AEM as a Cloud Service now

With the launch of AEM as a Cloud Service, Adobe’s next-generation cloud solution for experience management, businesses are being handed the power to create, manage and deliver more campaigns, digital assets and experiences faster than ever before.

Specifically designed to accelerate the delivery of superior personalized experiences throughout customer journeys via modernized software deployment, it’s essential that enterprises begin leveraging the benefits of this new cutting-edge Cloud-native solution to establish themselves as key players on the digital stage.

By introducing fundamental changes to existing AEM architecture, Adobe has removed the constraints placed on businesses by outdated models, allowing you to create innovative customer experiences with more flexibility and efficiency.

Unlocking the power of cloud-native AEM should be at the forefront of your digital strategy going forward and here’s why.

What are the main benefits of AEM as a Cloud Service?

The capacity of this cloud-native solution to supercharge workflows and automatically keep up to date with the ever-changing IT landscape offers several benefits for enterprises. Namely: increased agility, innovation velocity and cost-reduction.

1. The transformative power of Cloud agility

With AEM as a Cloud Service, CIOs no longer have to worry about calculating downtime for the latest releases. Enterprises can benefit from reduced ownership as AEM as a Cloud Service’s optimizes production processes with best-practice security and auto-upgrades. The cutting-edge production environment is configured to maintain consistency with both industry and Adobe standard practices and controls at all times. Thanks to the SaaS-like agility of Cloud-native features, enterprises can:

2. Increased innovation velocity

With AEM as a Cloud Service, your brand can optimize marketing & development workflows for the entire content lifecycle, increasing the ease with which cutting-edge experiences can be created on the fly. By leveraging Cloud-native AEM now, brands can benefit from:

3. Optimized and reduced costs

Fundamental changes in the AEM architecture result in more streamlined marketing operations and application development. By implementing AEM as a Cloud Service, enterprises can drive higher ROI and ultimately boost their business’ value. Here’s how:

So, why should brands be implementing cutting-edge Cloud-native solutions right now?

When it comes to optimizing your digital strategy with cloud-based solutions, it’s no longer a matter of if, but when. With superior customer experience now being a prerequisite for brands to compete on the digital stage, leveraging an industry-leading CX management solution with state-of-the-art Cloud capabilities is key to building a future-proof business.

With forward-thinking enterprises and CIOs incorporating the Cloud as a fundamental part of their digital strategies, the benefits of Cloud-native solutions become startlingly clear. By optimizing innovation cycles with AEM as a Cloud Service, brands can now maximize their actual business value while enjoying reduced ownership complexity. What’s more, with fully customizable stacks and increased automation across scaling, deployments and security and software updates, you can create real-time personalized experiences using the most efficient production processes possible.

With companies leveraging the transformative capabilities of Cloudification and opting less frequently for on-premise, owned software, it’s only a matter of time before Cloud-native, Software as a Service-style solutions take over.

Implementing AEM as a Cloud Service with a partner you can trust

When realizing your digital transformation journey, collaborating with a partner you can count on is essential. Netcentric is a digital service provider that optimizes customer experiences for the world’s greatest brands by unlocking the full power of AEM as a Cloud Service. We support our clients through fully integrated partnerships, providing unrivaled expertise as an Adobe Global Alliance Partner. Through our close relationship with Adobe, we can access first-hand insights and ensure that AEM as a Cloud Service is a true success for your business.

Get in touch with our AEM experts today to begin your digital transformation with AEM as a Cloud Service.

Get in touch with our AEM experts today to begin your digital transformation with AEM as a Cloud Service.

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