Revolutionizing the experience landscape: AEM as a Cloud Service is here

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), the most powerful, flexible, and open system for building and managing complete solutions that drive customer experience, can now be leveraged as a Cloud-native service - with more transformative capabilities than ever before.

AEM is built on open source technologies, most of which are Apache projects. Adobe incorporates recent changes in Apache Oak, Apache Sling and Apache Kafka and combines this with their AEM Cloud Manager offering and Adobe I/O Events to deploy the entirely new AEM as a Cloud Service.

AEM as a Cloud Service is the next-generation cloud solution for experience management, designed to accelerate the delivery of personalized experiences throughout your customer journeys via modernized software deployment.

By introducing AEM as a Cloud-native service, with fundamental changes to existing AEM architecture, Adobe is handing your business the power to deliver superior customer experiences more efficiently and with more flexibility, removing the constraints placed on enterprises by outdated models. By leveraging AEM as a Cloud Service, enterprises can:

Through the increased capacity for customization, automation and modernization, AEM as a Cloud Service is revolutionizing the way your businesses can deliver personalized experiences in one seamless cloud offering. It’s clear that Cloud-native AEM will have a significant and irreversible impact on the current experience service landscape.

So, what exactly can your brand achieve by leveraging Cloud-native features?

  1. Increase innovation velocity
  2. Optimize production processes
  3. Boost business value

I’ll now take a deeper look at these developments and explain why implementing AEM as a Cloud Service should be at the forefront of your digital strategy

1. Achieving a faster pace of innovation with AEM as a Cloud Service

AEM as a Cloud Service gives your businesses access to cutting-edge features that increase innovation velocity. By leveraging these features, your brand can optimize marketing & development workflows for the entire content lifecycle, increasing the ease with which superior experiences can be created on the fly. These include:

2. Optimizing production processes in the Cloud

It’s the fundamental changes to the AEM architecture that provide the foundation for this cutting-edge Cloud-native service and ensure new ideas can be put into production faster than ever before. Such innovative new features that facilitate the optimization of production processes are:

3. Boosting your business value with true cloudification

Currently, the majority of enterprises with strong CIOs are implementing digital strategies in which leveraging the Cloud is an important strategic element. On top of this, emerging trends mark a shift from a preference for on-premise owned software towards leveraging Software as a Service. This is because businesses can benefit significantly from reduced ownership complexity and the optimization of innovation cycles, maximizing their actual business value. This is what AEM as a Cloud Service has been purpose-built for.

By opting for a cloud-native AEM, your company can:

Unlock the full potential of AEM as a Cloud Service alongside a partner you can trust

Going cloud-native is already becoming a prerequisite for brands wanting to compete on the digital stage and meet ever-increasing user expectations. As an Adobe Global Alliance Partner, Netcentric is ready to unlock the power of AEM as a Cloud Service for your business. Our expertise places us at the forefront of experience innovation. What’s more, through our close relationship with Adobe, we can access first-hand insights and ensure that AEM as a Cloud Service is a true success for your business.

Get in touch with our AEM experts today to increase your business’ value by leveraging AEM as a Cloud Service.