The right technology stack to convert brand love into profitable business

Consumers no longer want to learn about brands, they want to experience them. With users demanding best-in-class experiences across all channels, the requirements for brands, and their touchpoints, are growing by the day. If a consumer shows interest in a brand, brands must ensure they’re converting that interest into profitable business results.

To meet this demand for superior and relevant interactions at all times, today’s brands must continually invest in customer experience. This means leveraging technology to deliver a customer-centric experience across touchpoints. But an unforgettable brand experience that drives real business opportunities requires so much more than simply customer personas and a superficial overview of user data. In reality, creating a truly customer-centric business relies on the right technology stack, continuous innovation and business alignment too.

So, how can your business take brand love and convert it into a lasting and profitable relationship?

1. A fully aligned organization

An open technology platform is no longer an accessory to brand success: it’s a vital foundation for it. However, to truly make CX a business driver, organizations can’t just invest in technology, they’ll need a holistic reconsideration of how they function too. To truly realize your brand strategy and leverage experience technology to the fullest, organizations must be built into the fabric of the business’ culture and operations. Therefore, align the business as a whole with the importance of data analytics, and install a customer-centric mindset from the outset of each project.

In today’s marketplace, customers want to connect not just with what a brand creates, but how they work and what they stand for. So achieving the pinnacle of customer experience might mean looking inward before looking outward: establishing your brand purpose and placing that at the core of all operations. Only that way can you get the most out of your experience technology to drive conversions for successful growth.

2. A constantly evolving personalized service

No two customers are alike, and when it comes to customer needs, no two days are the same either. Delivering the right experiences at the right time means being agile in order to respond to a highly volatile digital climate and a continuously evolving customer base. With the right technology stack, brands can implement personalization to adapt interactions across touchpoints to more accurately meet user demands. Services need to be refined and optimized in real-time to remain relevant. Despite studies showing that almost two-thirds of customers feel loyal towards companies that tailor their digital experience towards their behavior and needs, just 10% of brands believe they’re personalizing their messaging effectively.

3. An experience platform for exceptional interactions

When it comes to truly engaging with customers, brands need a robust technological foundation to stand out from the crowd. With consumer adoption of new technologies on the rise, and marketing advantage increasingly measured against the pace of innovation, equipping your business is critical.

An experience platform like the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) centralizes your marketing technology within a single location, so businesses can build customer experiences that go further. The AEC offers unique capabilities for content management, data visualization and insights, by enabling brands to unlock personalized, real-time omnichannel experiences. In today’s digital climate, it’s those experiences that make the difference between a customer that likes your brand, and a customer that’s consistently loyal to it.

4. A journey of continuous innovation

Customer preferences are in a constant state of flux. Simply implementing the right technology and making it operational won’t be enough to stay relevant in such a volatile environment. Successful businesses will be those that make the most of state-of-the-art data management, and your infrastructure won’t stay state-of-the-art without continuous innovation. For instance, artificial intelligence is already forming the backbone of effective cross-channel organization, disrupting how businesses build experiences. Winning brands will be those that embrace change, establishing a creative and agile foundation from which they can adapt fast and evolve constantly. An innovator’s work is never done, so be prepared to test and optimize continuously. Only by improving experiences in real-time can you continue to make your experiences a profitable business asset.

A formula for customer success

An innovative technological foundation for next-level customer experience is critical for success. But even more crucial is the deep know-how about how to unlock the potential of such technology. For some brands, achieving this formula for exceptional experiences means involving a digital partner with the expertise to unleash the full capabilities of their tech stack.

At Netcentric, we build digital experiences that connect brands with their customers using scalable Adobe Experience Cloud technologies. Get in touch today to discover how we can help you realize your digital vision.