A fully integrated Adobe solution for Miles & More

Highly personalized consumer experiences are key to success. Miles & More partnered with Netcentric to build a powerful site using the Adobe Experience Cloud stack to deliver state-of-the-art personalized content to its users. Adobe Target was a key addition that enables targeted campaigns.

The challenge for our client

Netcentric were brought in to work alongside Miles & More to build their new site, and implement a bespoke solution based on the Adobe Experience Cloud stack. This solution tackles a number of pressing challenges for Miles & More. Firstly, the organization wanted to personalize their member interactions to always present the right information to the right members. Therefore, a digital marketing stack was needed that would allow them to take advantage of customer data, to offer more streamlined and enjoyable user experiences by defining audiences and content too. Secondly, they were seeking to increase flexibility. As such, the new independent solution was designed to bring greater flexibility and autonomy. Finally, Miles & More’s pre-existing infrastructure included a number of complex interdependences with external systems. Therefore, a key challenge for this new solution was to successfully integrate these varied external systems and manage complex interdependencies; both on an infrastructural level, and a human level when managing a high volume of stakeholders.

Approaching and implementing a bespoke solution

When it came to Miles & More’s new webpage, the focus was on mobile-first design, a fresh layout and new capabilities for experience targeting. With a large volume of active members that come with a variety of needs, the organization needed a powerful infrastructure that would allow them to access detailed customer properties, and then leverage that information to tailor communications and content to their needs. This was largely achieved thanks to the integration of Adobe Target in Miles & More’s new site.

Miles& More’s bespoke solution included new features, complex components and templates. Using the Adobe Experience Cloud stack as a foundation, we also integrated a variety of Adobe products including Experience Manager, Analytics, Campaign, Brand Portal as well as Adobe Target. Given the organization’s personalization requirements, Adobe Target was a highly useful addition to their infrastructure, due to its capacity to optimize experience targeting. It allows teams to both model and implement targeted experiences, for instance by providing them with the ability to exchange content pieces within the site for specific, segmented audiences.

The implementation process also involved integrating a number of external services and navigating high-complexity interdependencies. The new site features a number of pioneering integrations like Translations.com. During the implementation, performance remained a high priority. This meant leveraging code splitting (making use of HTTP2), heavy caching for subsequent loads, minifying, Gzipping, image lazyloading, SVGs rather than regular images where possible and responsive images that adapt to the user’s viewport, in accordance with, for example, their DPI and whether they’re using mobile devices to access the site. The implementation process has involved 36,000 lines of Java code, 70,500 lines of Javascript and over 15,500 Jira tickets until this point.

The outcome for Miles & More

Two years later, we have jointly accomplished the sizeable goal of a personalized, powerful and independent site for Miles & More. For instance, they now have the tools to manage complex requirements such as the need to enable a fully targeted platform that also supports over ten language variations.

Furthermore, thanks to the close connection between AEM and Adobe Target, there’s no need for editors to transition between different tools to carry out experience targeting which can now be achieved with Adobe Target. When it comes to defining both content and audiences, these processes can be done directly within AEM, saving time, streamlining workflows, and enhancing flexibility. Thanks to Adobe Target and Netcentric’s expertise, Miles & More now has the infrastructure to carry out high-level personalization within their own site. Target allows Miles & More to define campaigns based on highly specified properties, boosting relevancy and driving more tailored experiences.

Accessing truly targeted experiences

The result of this partnership is a future-proof, purpose-built solution based on Adobe Experience Cloud, with the addition of powerful Adobe products such as Adobe Target. Thanks to Netcentric’s expertise in unlocking the full power of Adobe’s advanced range of tools, Miles & More can now deliver delightful and personalized experiences to all their members.