A Showcase to Smile About at Adobe Summit EMEA

We thank you for donating your smile! We are proud our showcase harnessed the power of Adobe Marketing Cloud and cloud services in support of a good cause.

As Adobe Executive Vice President, Brad Rencher said, "You’re no longer selling products, you’re selling experiences." Experiences matter and they should be personalized and consistent through every digital touchpoint. We couldn’t agree more. Not only that, Adobe Vice President Business Development and Strategy, John Mellor, made the point that experiences need to have an emotional impact. Emotion, he said, was the currency of experience.

Unlocking Innovation with Integration at Adobe Summit

This year we offered Adobe Summit participants a new experience in digital marketing technology integration and the chance to make a difference in a child's life too.

Netcentric experts assembled cutting edge technology from multiple Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions and also cloud services to create the Smile to Donate showcase. Harnessing the power of Adobe Experience Manager Screens, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign and facial recognition a seamless user journey was delivered across multiple channels. With just a smile, visitors launched a Netcentric donation to the Smile Train charity on their behalf.

Smile Train is Giving Children a Chance to Smile

Smile Train is an international children’s charity that provides 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive care to children in 85+ developing countries.

They operate on a sustainable model which empowers local doctors to offer cleft care to those who need it most. Millions of children are suffering from untreated clefts. Most have difficulty eating and speaking and attending school or holding a job can be a challenge. Cleft repair surgery not only provides a child with a new smile, but also a fresh opportunity for a full and productive life. Smile to Donate generated £1,200 pounds which will support at least 8 cleft repair surgeries.

We are happy that our Smile to Donate showcase provided a seamless and consistent user journey and supported making children’s lives better, forever.

Delivering Consistent Customer Experiences

The Smile to Donate showcase was just a taste of what is possible today and what’s coming in the future. Experiences need to be consistent and delightful across multiple contexts and channels and that requires innovation. Learn more about Smile to Donate, the consistent customer experience and integration showcase, in Netcentric's Chief Technology Officer, Conrad Wöltge's recent blog post or simply get in touch.