Angular and Redux: Key Learnings from Our First Meetup

Missed our Angular Meetup? Here's a rundown of the insights shared into leveraging Angular in enterprise scale application, native apps and with Redux.

We’ve launched our official Meetup Group, creating spaces to discuss innovative technologies with the wider tech community and allowing us to share our expertise. In our first Meetup, developers came together to give their insights into the web application platform, Angular, Nativescript and Redux, and their place in the modern day technological ecosystem.

Missed out? Here are the key learnings from the event:

First up, Natalia Venditto (@AnfibiaCreativa) shared insights as a Frontend Tech Lead into how to upgrade an enterprise scale application across multiple versions of Angular.

Next, Evan Payne (@evanfuture) shared his expertise as Senior Frontend Software Engineer. He spoke about leveraging Angular and NativeScript to build native apps for iOS and Android.

Finally, Dragan Filipovic (@draganfill) shared his input as a Frontend Software Engineer into data management in JavaScript applications with Redux.

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking meetups to come, on topics such as UX Design, Advanced Javascript, Mobile Performance, NativeScript, Vue and React. They’ll will be taking place across Netcentric’s office locations across Europe, and will provide unique opportunities to share our knowledge and experiences.

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