Key Marketing Automation Trends Set to Make an Impact in 2018

Marketing automation is on the rise. Here’s a summary of experts’ key trends and insights for 2018.

Marketing automation is no longer optional for businesses in 2018. However, despite advanced technology and the willingness of CMOs to automate marketing operations, companies are still struggling to integrate these practices across marketing and sales systems.

To meet increasing expectations of customer experience, organizations must leverage marketing automation in ways that fit their business, without forgetting the human element. But what do experts say are the key trends for marketing automation? Here’s a summary of expert insights into trends for businesses in 2018.

Key Takeaways and Marketing Automation To-Dos for 2018

In summary, businesses need to be aware of the importance of data, keep human beings at the heart of implementation, and align communications to new standards: there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Looking back: what did experts predict for 2017?

The idea that one-to-one communication is important is not a new one. Looking back, the experts’ predictions for marketing automation in 2017 were fairly accurate, and many are still relevant:

What actually happened in 2017?

2017 saw the consolidation of the trend of businesses realizing the need for marketing automation. In addition, the move away from campaign-centric, inside-out communication carried on. This follows the trend of simple user journeys becoming a thing of the past. Data continued to be a hot topic, as the trend of predictive analysis evolved, with mass targeting increasingly ineffective in the face of data-driven ‘sniper’ targeting.

However, companies still struggle to break down silos and realize customer-centric, journey-based communications across touchpoints and channels. Even though software providers might present the idea that, when it comes to marketing automation, ‘everything goes’, that’s not the reality for most businesses.

And what’s predicted for 2018 and beyond?

Businesses that fail to develop knowledge and experience in digital marketing soon are set to lose ground. On the other hand, businesses that implement marketing automation will see the field become smarter, enabling them to communicate to wider audiences whilst keeping interactions personal.

Here’s a summary of key marketing automation trends experts are discussing for 2018:

3 key topics for CMOs/CIOs to watch out for:

It’s all about the human level: keep your customers at the core of marketing automation. Don’t forget about the people actually realizing your marketing efforts either, be sure to adjust operations and implement change management too.


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