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Netcentric is Named Adobe Global Alliance Partner

Netcentric has hit a new milestone in our journey. We are now officially an Adobe Global Alliance Partner, the highest partner level possible.


Netcentric, A Cognizant Digital Business, is proud to announce that we have been officially named a Global Alliance Solution Partner by Adobe - the highest partner level recognition possible. This outstanding achievement is the result of Netcentric’s strong dedication to delivering bespoke Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and implementations to customers since our very foundation. It reflects a continuously committed partnership with Adobe and our unmatched experience and expertise in the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Every year, Adobe determines the appropriate Solution Partner Programme levels for each Partner depending on their skills, performance and ratings related to the Adobe Experience Cloud. Having joined the programme in 2012, Netcentric has previously been ranked as a Premier Solution Partner, specializing in Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager. However, our latest customer satisfaction ratings, growing client base and global market presence have allowed us to advance to the highest Adobe Solution Partner level possible to join an elite set of only 37 companies worldwide to accomplish this feat.

This distinction by Adobe is another milestone in our journey in becoming a leading player in customer experience in Europe and beyond. Thanks to our strengthened partnership with Adobe, we’re pleased to be able to continue delivering outstanding services to our clients.


Piotr Zabiello

Head of Consulting

Piotr is a trained economist with an MBA in Business Engineering and nearly 30 years’ start-up and corporate experience. He is now a highly experienced consultant, senior project manager and executive line manager with extensive expertise in the Enterprise IT domain. Piotr describes himself as a CQ / AEM and Web Technologies "veteran", serving as Senior Vice President of Global Services & Support for Day Software from 2000 to 2009. A supporter of Netcentric's annual sailing event, Piotr has offered himself for the role of Skipper of Netcentric's Corporate Yacht (should this become a reality).

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    Rasmus Frick

    Director Business Consulting

    Rasmus has more than 20 years of experience in positions in various industries, including steel and high-tech, and now more than 6 years in IT consulting. He has always focused on IT related processes that interface between company and their end customer. Rasmus is part of Netcentric’s Business Consulting management team. He holds a diploma in mechanical engineering from ETH Zurich and an Executive MBA from WHU/Kellogg. Besides spending time with his family, he enjoys playing the saxophone and mountain sports.