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Bucharest Nearshore Facility Expands to Accommodate Netcentric Growth

Continuing our expansion strategy, the Netcentric Bucharest nearshore facility has recently moved into a larger office space to accommodate new talents.

As part of its expansion strategy, the Netcentric Bucharest nearshore facility has recently moved into a larger office space to accommodate new talents, a number of which is expected to double by Q2 of 2018. The interactive and open work space will bring a multidisciplinary team together to share, collaborate and innovate while helping clients execute their digital strategy.


Netcentric Bucharest was established in August 2016 to provide clients in Europe with nearshore services that include solutions development, applications operations and marketing operations. Bucharest was chosen as the ideal location in Eastern Europe to support Netcentric’s rapid growth, being recognised as a promising IT hub with access to highly skilled professionals. Strategically located, the nearshore facility offers key advantages of proximity to clients and mobility of experts within the European Union, enabling quick and secure access to the right experts.

About Netcentric

Netcentric is a digital service provider that transforms customer experiences for the world’s top brands by unleashing the full potential of the Adobe Experience Cloud. We support clients throughout the entire process chain, from consulting and development through to operations, bridging the gap between marketing and technology.

Founded in 2012, Netcentric has successfully grown, thanks to long-standing client partnerships based on trust. Our 9 offices in Zurich, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Barcelona, London and Bucharest are strategically located to serve clients with onsite and nearshore resources. Excellent geographic coverage and agile ways of working allow us to respond to client needs at any stage of their digital transformation.

Netcentric, A Cognizant Digital Business

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    Stefan Franck

    Senior Director

    One Netcentric’s co-founders, Stefan is an expert in shaping solutions for clients - from requirements analysis to project specification and more. Stefan sees himself as the link between business and technology and, for over ten years now, he has filled various roles as architect, project lead and lead consultant. Stefan's focus is on the Adobe Marketing Cloud and AEM, to which he is strongly connected from his days at Day Software and Adobe. He says that co-founding Netcentric was one of the best choices in his professional life. Never before been able to work with so many brilliant people.