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Integrating Adobe Screens Beyond Touch

We've integrated Adobe Screens, Target, Campaign and Azure Face Recognition into one seamless and consistent customer experience. See it at Adobe Summit EMEA.

In today’s digital age, technology advances at lightning speed and offers unparalleled opportunities to enchant millions of people and make a real difference in the lives of others.  Netcentric’s “Smile to Donate” showcases how brands can empower users to do just that by leveraging the Adobe Marketing Cloud and other cloud services.

Digital marketing technology integration

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in digital marketing technology and it is based on this single, complex and challenging question:


How can brands deliver consistent and delightful experiences across multiple contexts and channels to their customers?  

Demand for integrating micro services to enable single consistent user stories is the answer. What that really means is assembling Adobe Marketing Cloud technology and cloud services together, in new innovative ways.

Netcentric innovates at Adobe Summit EMEA 2017

Smile to Donate is an example of this kind of cutting edge integration. You can experience it yourself at Adobe Summit EMEA this year.

The Smile to Donate showcase integrates multiple Adobe Marketing Cloud technologies and cloud services to give users a real-time experience, ending with Netcentric donating to Smile Train. Smile Train is an international children’s charity that provides 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive care to children in 85+ developing countries

The integration between Adobe Marketing Cloud technologies and cloud services is the key to making this experience and donation happen. Integrating Azure facial recognition technology with Adobe Experience Manager, AEM Screens, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign and Firebase Cloud Messaging, Smile to Donate is a seamless and consistent user journey to making a child’s life better, forever.

Future-proof your digital marketing

The future of our industry is in technology integration like this to create consistent user stories across multiple channels and truly enable brands to connect with customers.

Conrad Wöltge


Joining Netcentric with his team in 2015, Conrad’s philosophy is that good solutions are simple and robust. But he also has a liking for disruption and as CTO of Aperto, he introduced Scrum to enterprise projects. In 2006, Conrad founded his own consulting company dedicated to CQ/AEM. His work as principal architect - mostly for Day Software later Adobe - for international projects took advantage of his dedication to simplicity, consistency and cutting edge solutions. He has spent many years in the US and in Europe and is a regular speaker at technology conferences.

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