AC Tool Version 2.0.0 released

The new major version 2.0.0 of the AC Tool comes with incremental updates to ACLs, repository-level permissions, a redesigned API and AEM 6.3 compatibility

The Netcentric Access Control Tool for AEM fills an important gap when it comes to managing permissions of large AEM platforms as Jochen Koschorke and Roland Gruber have shown at their last year's presentation (abstract) at the adaptTo() conference. What started as a small tool for one particular client project in 2014 is today widely used by the AEM community (and obviously all Netcentric projects :-) ). We have received questions, comments and contributions from San Francisco, Moscow and Sydney and with 42 stargazers (and 26 forks) on GitHub we have gained around 25% of the attention Apache Sling has gained on GitHub - considering that the AC Tool is only a small project compared to Sling it is encouraging to see this community interest.

We are pleased to announce version 2.0.0 with the following new features and improvements:

AEM 6.3 compatibility:

ACLs in content are now updated incrementally #155.

New API package for programmatic calls to AC Tool.

Repository level ACLs are now supported #137.

The AC Tool's home page at GitHub is, see release v2.0.0 for download links.