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Don't Miss Data Capture Opportunities

Customer data can be a minefield. Captured properly, this data helps them understand their customers and delivering them relevant personalised experiences.

Customer data can be a minefield. Legislation, privacy concerns, security factors and more. But there's no getting around it: businesses need it. Captured properly, this data helps them understand their customers, setting them on the right track to deliver personalised services. And that leads to business revenue. But many businesses miss opportunities to do it right.

Netcentric Summit 2017

Let me switch now to the recent Netcentric Summit in Lisbon. Alongside the keynotes and breakout sessions, we were also invited to take part in a guided tour around the city - all 150 of us. We were split into three groups of 50, each of us given an earpiece and audio receiver.

The tour was great. The route, the storytelling, the organisation - in fact the whole experience - was amazing. But, as I handed the equipment back to the super-friendly operator staff at the end of the tour, I couldn't help but think - because it's the way I think and work with my clients - that the tour company missed a huge opportunity. To capture our data.

Simple rules for success

I'm using this example to illustrate what I mean. I'm not saying they actually should have done it. But, having delivered a fantastic experience, they really could have. By following these simple rules:

  • Giving us a viable reason to part with our data. (Remember there has to be a value exchange.) In this case, it could have been a referral offer for friends visiting Lisbon.
  • Identify where and how to best capture data. This could perhaps have been by handing out leaflets at the end of the tour with details of the referral offer, or by incentivising us to complete a satisfaction survey
  • Working out in advance what data they really needed. And only asking for this. They would have had to make it easy for us. We're all busy!
  • Making sure they abide by data consent legislation and opt-ins. Nothing worse for the customer than feeling they have been tricked into divulging their data
  • Checking the data input quality. 

These simple rules are really all you need. Follow them in your business and you'll start to build a robust customer database from which you can then deliver personalised services and drive your business forward.

Find out more

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Kwok Lee

Senior - Solution Architect

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