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Virtual Squads

Our Virtual Squads are redefining productivity, collaboration and communication across distributed workspaces to create exceptional customer experiences for your brand.

Virtual Squads are fully distributed, agile and remote operative teams, ready to implement and operate your Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) solutions anywhere, anytime.

Boost your business’ value alongside Virtual Squads

To drive real business value in the digital-first era, your brand needs to deliver the best customer-centric experiences across all touchpoints.



Virtual Squads drive real results for your brand

Thanks to an innovative Squad model that prioritizes Community, Communication and Engagement, our Virtual Squads can continuously deliver industry-focused, integrated solutions and operations support to enterprises anywhere in the world.


Virtual Squads enable you to achieve this by


Partnering you throughout the entire process chain — from consulting and development through to marketing operations — to deliver a bespoke digital solution that drives results for you.

Leveraging state-of-the-art AEC technology stacks to deliver first-class, scalable, solutions that can adapt to consumer demands and the ever-changing CX landscape.

Operating and configuring platform and IT infrastructures to ensure peak platform performance, boosting value to customers and enabling you to get the best return on your solution investment.

Ready to achieve your digital marketing goals?