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Introducing the Sitecore connector: unlocking Adobe AEM Assets for more authors

Sitecore users now can access the full power of Adobe Experience Manager DAM solution, thanks to Netcentric’s new connector that links Sitecore CMS with AEM Assets. Explore how we built this solution to unlock the full potential of Adobe AEM assets to the Sitecore community. 

For Sitecore CMS users, accessing assets from other image libraries or DAM solutions has been an ongoing struggle. Although Sitecore has enabled image library and DAM functionalities, many Sitecore users might want to take advantage of Adobe Experience Manager Assets’ many AI and Smart functionalities, which historically hasn’t been an easy process. 


One way of overcoming this challenge has been to copy and paste the URLs of published assets into Sitecore content, or alternatively by building an API integration. Indeed, Netcentric has built such integrations for many clients. Our experience in this field eventually led to the development of a standard connector that links Sitecore and AEM Assets, so customers that want to use both platforms can finally enjoy a more streamlined experience. 

The ‘asset picker’: unlocking more tools for more authors

When approaching building a solution to enable Sitecore users to access assets in AEM without leaving Sitecore’s user interface, ease of use was a priority for the Netcentric development team. The result of this initiative is the ‘asset picker’ tool. 


This tool appears within Sitecore’s editor menu, and when selected, it opens a window that shows all the images available within AEM. In addition, a search functionality enables users to search for filenames and tags. Then, they simply have to select the required asset and the image will be inserted into the content within Sitecore. 


The concept behind this tool has its roots in a specific customer need we saw among our clients. As we see it, editing content and leveraging leading asset solutions like AEM shouldn’t be a struggle. Therefore, with this connector, we’re enabling more authors to get the most out of their tools. 

AEM assets: a holistic DAM solution

The demand for new, personalized content grows every day. Many brands’ digital assets are stored away within divided silos without streamlined methods of locating or managing them. This results in many valuable assets going unused, forgotten or wasted. Systems such as these make it impossible for organizations to keep up with the ongoing demand for highly engaging assets. 


That’s why brands need a solution that unlocks next-level digital asset management. They need more than just a place to store away assets, but a one-stop-shop for collaborating, editing and sharing them too, that comes with built-in creative cloud connectivity. 


What does this look like in reality? A global content platform in which authors can manage all asset versions, rights and permissions in one place. A solution that allows brands to deliver assets at speed and with maximum impact, to any channel. AEM Assets offers leading brands state-of-the-art asset management tools, contained within a single powerful solution. 


Finally, your solution must be underpinned by a holistic approach founded on the importance of effective, relevant assets for customer engagement. Without this, many organizations will fail to take full advantage of the powerful solution at their fingertips. That’s where an experienced assets expert like Netcentric comes in. 

An assets expert on your side

Here at Netcentric, we’ve implemented AEM assets for many leading brands. We know that to react dynamically in the volatile digital ecosystem, businesses need a bespoke digital asset management solution that helps them connect to customers through exceptional content, delivered at the right time, in the right place. 


Ready to learn about how to access smarter assets? Download our whitepaper to discover how you can overcome the DAM challenge to deliver exceptional experiences today. Or to learn more about how to leverage our Sitecore/AEM Assets connector, get in touch at

Mark van der Wal

Executive Director Business Development Nordics

With 25 years of corporate and agency experience in the digital domain in expert and leadership roles, Mark brings a huge amount of entrepreneurial spirit and experience with enterprise clients like Philips, Rabobank and Liberty Global to the table. With a passion for new technologies and his digital marketing background, he is able to guide clients in their digital transformation and create relevant and long term business value.

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