Who we are

From the very beginning, we set out to do things differently. Expect excellence.
  • Now:

    Currently we are:
    300 Employees
    37% of our employees Adobe Certified Experts
    10 Offices (Pfäffikon, Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Barcelona, London, Medellin & Bucharest)

  • 2015:

    48% Annual company growth
    25% of our employees Adobe Certified Experts
    2 New offices open in Berlin & Frankfurt
    7 Offices in 4 countries

  • 2014:

    38% Annual company growth
    5 Offices in 4 countries

  • 2013:

    50% Annual company growth
    1 New office opens in London
    4 Offices in 4 countries

  • 2012:

    Netcentric Launches
    40 passionate leaders
    3 Offices in 3 countries

Being unique has been good to us.

We don’t believe you can meet today’s digital challenges with yesterday’s solutions. Society has changed. Markets have changed. Technology has changed. And most importantly, customer behaviour has changed.

The challenge? To seize the opportunity and to embrace these changes with new operating models designed for the digital environment – without compromising who you are as a business, your values or your vision. In other words: maintain what makes you unique.

Here are the four key factors that make us unique:


We are able to translate the needs of the one into the capabilities of the other, ensuring seamless performance and measurable results.


Netcentric focuses on teams rather than on individuals to achieve excellence – ensuring that we all work together towards your success.


We believe that stopping is the beginning of losing. Expecting excellence means challenging the status quo every day and working together to be better.


We keep an eye on the future and not just on short-term wins. The result? Highly resilient and sustainable business executions backed by clear metrics.

Master the rules - then break them

With over 220 years of Adobe Marketing Cloud experience and an impressive number of certified experts, we’re a dynamic company at the heart of a rapidly changing, hyper-connected digital world. And we apply these experiences and expertise to our clients’ diverse needs.

Digital marketing success means looking beyond the Cloud, transcending tools and technologies. We make it possible for you to drive highly responsive marketing strategies to serve your customers quickly, efficiently and personally.

We work hard and have fun, but we’re reliable, flexible, quick and solution-oriented. We always strive to achieve excellence and - while we believe we've mastered the game - we’re continually shaping the rules.

It's all about evolution

Holacracy is an organizational structure that separates roles from people and organizes areas of focus into circles. It’s a structure that makes individuals accountable and the expectations of each role fully transparent.

Individuals are encouraged to make decisions and take action to get things done, while working within defined boundaries and responsibilities. Holacracy is a perfect match for our core values which encourage employees to deliver outstanding results, whilst sharing their knowledge and expertise across different focus areas.

With distributed authority, maximum transparency, team collaboration and our agile mind-set, we have the scalability and flexibility to assign the right expert to the right role - delivering excellent results.

Our core values shape our organisational culture and reflect our vision of delivering excellence to our customers.

Never let the customer down

We aim to be a trusted partner, going the extra mile to meet expectations and deliver on our promises.

Never let your team down

We always put the team’s objectives before our own and support each other to achieve a common goal.

Cultivate respect

We are tolerant and respectful, always challenging ourselves to foster an environment that is conducive to excellence.

Give and accept feedback

Feedback is essential for development and growth, so we ask for it and we listen.

Don’t take success for granted

We know our strengths and our weaknesses and we work to be prepared for change and new challenges.

Share, discuss, and bring ideas to life

Knowledge is our most important value and ideas improve when discussed with others.

Exceed the highest standards and achieve results you are proud of

Quality must be the main force in everything we do.

Make Netcentric a fun place to work

A positive work environment fuels visionary thinking and provides opportunities for growth and the exchange of ideas.

Evolution and self-motivation is part of our DNA

Netcentric is a responsive organisation actively moving away from frozen hierarchies towards fluid networks which encourage us to try new things and innovate. More importantly, we also understand that it’s alright to fail.

It’s why we actively promote independent decision making, giving our employees autonomy to experiment, to recognise and process new information and to make informed decisions. To help them, we provide transparency and context: information about our company, our accounts and our projects is available for all.

As a responsive organisation, we’re constantly adapting to the unrelenting evolution of digital technology, integrating new ideas and influences - both internal and external - and encouraging our employees both to adopt an independent mind-set and to drive change.

Meet our thought leaders

You won’t find a standard operating model based on traditional hierarchies at Netcentric, but we do recognise that certain individuals are “thought leaders”, guiding others through their experience and influence. Get to know the Netcentric Thought Leaders.

Elian Kool
CEO & Co-founder

Elian Kool is Netcentric’s co-founder and CEO. As a highly energetic leader, he takes personal responsibility for a broad range of company activities from its growth strategy, portfolio growth to talent management. To clients, he is a highly trusted advisor, managing relationships and partnerships. With over ten years’ experience in Adobe Marketing Cloud, Elian has led multi-national teams and delivered best-in-class enterprise projects, helped by his background as a Software Engineer, Architect and Manager. As a passionate sailor, he is known for sharing his interest with the whole company.

Fritz Oleinek
Principal Consultant, Managing Director UK

With over 20 years of professional experience as a senior manager and at C-level in the field of Marketing Technology, Fritz has an in-depth understanding of all relevant areas, including infrastructure, information architecture, content, technology and digital marketing strategies. This enables him to “speak” both languages – Marketing and Technology, so he is perfectly placed to translate clients’ business requirements into granular, IT specifics. And he can also communicate challenges emanating from IT and development teams to clients and work with them to solve complex problems.

Daniel Schneiter
Solutions Architect Search

Daniel has 20+ years’ experience designing and developing custom-tailored, scalable, mission-critical solutions for large corporations, holding various roles connecting Business with Technology. In Digital Transformation paradigms shift constantly which is why it is crucial to recognise information as an asset. Search technology helps leverage assets stored in silos and narrows the gap between content and users’ intent. Daniel heads Netcentric’s search activities and holds an MSc, an MAS in Management, Technology and Economics from the ETH Zurich. He enjoys music, travel and Asian languages.

Dominik Lienemann
Senior Solutions Architect

Dominik has worked in the field of content management for over ten years and has been in the project business his entire professional career. He has led implementation projects for many large clients in the automotive, finance and energy sectors. He has also gathered a wealth of experience developing customer-specific solutions based on AEM and is highly skilled at transforming business requirements into stable, production-ready, usable solutions. Joining the Netcentric story right from the start still makes him proud and he enjoys working with so many highly skilled professionals every day.

Gerhard Gerner
COO & Co-founder

Gerhard has been with Netcentric right from the start. Having spotted an opportunity to support clients with expert business-oriented software implementation and consultancy, he is one of the company’s founders. Gained over many years, Gerhard brings a wealth of domestic and international experience in software development, consultancy and project management. As an Adobe Experience Manager expert Gerhard has managed some of the largest implementations, with responsibility for everything from requirements management, implementation, project and test management to post go-live sustain mode.

Maya Reinshagen
Principal Consultant

Digital transformation – with all its challenges and opportunities – have been fascinating Maya for almost 20 years. She has a deep understanding of the drivers of marketing performance and metrics. Her wealth of experience in developing sustainable strategies and concepts for successful Enterprise Marketing Automation have also given her a solid grasp of technical feasibility and achievability. Maya heads the Adobe Campaign Circle at Netcentric, where she drives the topic of Marketing Automation within the company, ensuring best-in-class solutions for clients based on Adobe Campaign.

Stefan Franck
Senior Solutions Architect

One Netcentric’s co-founders, Stefan is an expert in shaping solutions for clients - from requirements analysis to project specification and more. Stefan sees himself as the link between business and technology and, for over ten years now, he has filled various roles as architect, project lead and lead consultant. Stefan's focus is on the Adobe Marketing Cloud and AEM, to which he is strongly connected from his days at Day Software and Adobe. He says that co-founding Netcentric was one of the best choices in his professional life. Never before been able to work with so many brilliant people.

Valdas Jasaitis
Principal Software Engineer

A highly educated and experienced professional with a Ph.D.in Computer Science from Vilnius University in his native Lithuania, Valdas has over 15 years of experience in leading web projects based on Java. Since joining Netcentric in 2012 he has been actively engaged in developing Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions for a variety of different clients - with a strong focus on Adobe Experience Manager, customer analytics and data science technologies. Outside work Valdas is also committed marathon runner, tailors his own shirts, and has even appeared in the Game of Thrones TV series.

Richard Francis

Richard has headed up the finance and operations of a range of technology companies. Until December 2015, he was CFO of Myriad Group, a Swiss-listed software provider. Before this, he was CFO of Day Software, a Swiss-listed group acquired by Adobe Systems in 2010 for $250m. Before joining Netcentric, Richard assisted private equity-backed companies with raising finance, an area in which he has extensive expertise. Between 2013 and 2015, as CFO of Myriad Group AG, Richard raised over $100m on the markets. Richard has a degree in Economics and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte.

Piotr Zabiello
Head of Consulting

Piotr is a trained economist with an MBA in Business Engineering and nearly 30 years’ start-up and corporate experience. He is now a highly experienced consultant, senior project manager and executive line manager with extensive expertise in the Enterprise IT domain. Piotr describes himself as a CQ / AEM and Web Technologies "veteran", serving as Senior Vice President of Global Services & Support for Day Software from 2000 to 2009. A supporter of Netcentric's annual sailing event, Piotr has offered himself for the role of Skipper of Netcentric's Corporate Yacht (should this become a reality).

Konrad Windszus
Senior Solutions Architect

Konrad has been working for more than 10 years with Adobe Experience Manager mostly in the role of an Architect, creating big system architectures and devising APIs either from scratch or integrating already existing third-party components. Since his early years, he has been a passionate software developer and very committed to the Open Source Software community. Konrad has published several tools on Github and contributed to several Apache projects. Since 2014 he has been a committer at Apache Sling the underlying Web Framework of Adobe's AEM.

Oscar Farga
Senior Software Engineer

With a career spanning nearly 20 years, Oscar is a highly experienced and senior Java web developer and team mentor. Developing portals, intranets, e-commerce websites, web applications and advanced digital signatures, over the years he has also built up and led successful teams, delivering complex projects in a wide variety of business verticals. These range from public administration, banking, broadcasting, retail, online gaming, automotive to pharmaceuticals. Oscar loves funk music, travelling and learning languages. He is also committed to the preservation of primates.

Conrad Wöltge

Joining Netcentric with his team in 2015, Conrad’s philosophy is that good solutions are simple and robust. But he also has a liking for disruption and as CTO of Aperto, he introduced Scrum to enterprise projects. In 2006, Conrad founded his own consulting company dedicated to CQ/AEM. His work as principal architect - mostly for Day Software later Adobe - for international projects took advantage of his dedication to simplicity, consistency and cutting edge solutions. He has spent many years in the US and in Europe and is a regular speaker at technology conferences.

Hansjürg Hürzeler
Senior Service Manager

Hansjürg is focused on everything that "keeps IT running", developing and maintaining software solutions, systems, networks and infrastructure. This is something he has been doing now for over 30 years in a career that has spanned multiple disciplines from Service Operations, Systems Engineering to Enterprise Architecture and beyond. Along the way, he has acquired a wealth of highly valuable experience which is instrumental for both clients and fellow Netcentric employees. Joining the company in February 2014, Hansjürg oversees the operational aspects of Netcentric’s customer engagements.

Dan Beldiman
Solutions Architect, Managing Director Netcentric Eastern Europe

Dan is a proud Netcentric co-founder and a Solutions Architect for both Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign. He is focused on infrastructure and operations and has designed numerous AEM and AC setups, with an emphasis on operational reliability. Dan is regularly engaged in fire-fighting missions and has successfully stabilised AEM setups for various clients around the world. Dan now leads Netcentric's System Engineering team and is accountable for running and growing our subsidiary in Romania. When not working, Dan enjoys travelling - he has visited 55 countries and counting!

Michael McCrae
Managing Director

As part of Netcentric's founding team, Michael is primarily focused on the company's growth from the beginning. Having set up and developed Netcentric's largest office in Barcelona, he now has his sights sets on expanding Netcentric's presence beyond Europe. With 15 years experience as an international project manager for enterprise web platforms, he also helps guide some of Netcentric's biggest clients to successful Adobe Marketing Cloud implementations. Michael's international background and desire for ever-evolving challenges continues to push Netcentric beyond its borders.

Our achievements

Adobe experts


As trusted Adobe partners we hold the record for the highest number of certified in-house experts.

Certified ISTQB


We fully test solutions allowing our clients to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementations.

Adobe recognised


Recognised twice in a row by Adobe in 3 years. In 2016 we achieved EMEA Adobe Marketing Cloud partner of the year.

Diverse organisation


We are truly diverse with over 33 different nationalities spread over 10 locations.

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