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Returning for the third year in a row is our paid training programme - the Netcentric Academy. Originally, launched in 2015, it's a results-focused training programme with the aim to raise every participant up to the expert and productive level of a Netcentric developer. 

The Academy is led by outstanding technology leaders with a focus on designing, optimising and implementing digital marketing platforms built on the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Our experts help you advance your understanding of key technical areas, learning everything about what the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is and can do. Their goal is to enable you to work on real life projects and understand how to build and deliver AEM solutions.

About the Netcentric Academy

The Academy training programme is designed for web developers who want to advance their developer and technology skills. Taking place in Barcelona each year, it’s six to eight weeks of intensity - a developers bootcamp -  in which you’ll learn all the development skills you need before working on a the final project. Once done, you'll showcase your achievements to the organisation. 

After successfully completing the programme, you’ll become a full-time employee at Netcentric - unleashing you into the world, better trained, with more experience and ready to face any challenge.

You will be taught both theory and practical assignments on topics such as:

  • Jenkins
  • Development workflows
  • AEM development
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • Frontend build systems
  • Javascript
  • Search
  • QA
  • Touch UI
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • HTML5
  • Sightly
  • Accessibility
  • Web Performance

Theory and practice combined to enhance learning

The Netcentric Academy is an entry point for people wanting to kickstart their development career with the end goals of not only joining Netcentric as a full time employee, but also playing an active role in our projects.

Among the many things you’ll learn in the first week of the programme, we’ll get you started with who we are and what we do. Then you’ll be given an introduction to JIRA - our internal tracking and project management system - after which you’ll learn about the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Will you take on the challenge?

Finally, during the last part of the Academy programme, students are grouped together and tasked to deliver a business solution tailored to the needs of a client - working alongside existing Netcentric employees. So not only do you learn how to code but you also learn how to develop holistic real-world business solutions.

This year, the Netcentric Academy starts November 6th, 2017 and lasts 7 weeks. 


Hear from our recent graduates

Ines [Frontend]

I started Netcentric Academy just a month after getting my Master’s degree and hoping to get some experience and learn how things work in the real world. And I did. Not only did we get to learn how things are done in Netcentric, what technologies are used and why, we also got to know a lot about the company itself. It was great working with people from all around the world. 

Eric [Backend]

The first month was all about gaining knowledge about AEM technologies and how projects work. The training started from scratch in AEM technology. It is really specialised technology and when you get started, it’s a high learning curve. Looking back, the Academy gave us the foundations for what we needed to succeed in client projects later on. 

Adria [Frontend]

For me, the final project was the best part. As a team, we had to build a real project from the very beginning, applying everything we learned in the previous weeks. Really putting knowledge into practice. And if we needed help, we had mentors assigned to each team. At the end, we presented the project to Netcentric at one of the monthly meetings. 

Our Academy is unique - not just another bootcamp

At Netcentric, we come to work every day knowing we’re part of the solution to the most complex challenges brands have ever faced: digital transformation. Consumer expectation of brands are increasing in a world that is more connected and fast-paced. 

Netcentric is a dynamic and innovative service provider with a unique culture. We empower our employees to use their creativity, looking beyond tools and technology to unlock the full potential of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, so that we can deliver visionary digital marketing solutions for the world’s most recognised brands.

Have we got you interested? Whether you're fresh out of university or looking to change careers, we welcome all applicants. Minimum expectations is that you have knowledge working with JAVA (BE) or HTML / CSS / Javascript (FE).


We offer a wide variety of benefits to all our employees, as well as a creative and entrepreneurial working environment for them to thrive in.

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