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Life At Netcentric


We offer a wide variety of benefits to all our employees, as well as a creative and entrepreneurial working environment for them to thrive in.

Netcentric Academy

Kick-start your career with our Netcentric Academy and learn while you earn, gaining hands-on experience from the get-go.

Summer Parties

Netcentric summer parties are something of an institution. Every year each location team gets together to enjoy a day of fun and relaxation.

Meet The Team

Gigi Jin
Consultant (Adobe Campaign)

I graduated from the Universities of Westminster and East London in Interaction Design and IT and then, from 2006, worked in client relationship management and, from 2010, in the email marketing industry. I joined the London Netcentric office in March 2016 with a focus on Adobe Campaign, working in a combined role of developer/business practitioner – and I will also be co-leading the end user training sessions for the client. I have an avid interest in graphic design having worked as a freelance designer for a number of years.

Richard Chan

Graduating with MEng in Computer Science from Bristol University, I’ve spent the last ten years working in IT consultancies for military and finance institutions, involved with supporting the IT systems which interface with dozens of other systems. I worked alongside Netcentric colleagues as a client whilst I was on a project in Singapore and was thoroughly impressed with the technical competency and professionalism. I joined the London office in the Summer of 2016. In my free time I enjoy playing music and computer games. The London office has the best sodas of any office I've ever visited.

Diego Labrador
Junior Software Engineer (Frontend)

I joined Netcentric as part of the Academy. I've done really cool stuff in the last year - testing AEM 6.2 on-site, helping at conferences, giving talks and a bit of everything on the dev side - FE, BE, QA. I love design, but little things spark inspiration. Our office has the state of the art equipment, talented people and amazing coffee talks.

Alexander Böhm
QA Engineer

I started my career as a "jack of all trades" (SE, Internal-IT, QA). I'm now a QA-Engineer which means I keep an eye on product quality, release management as well as the requirements of our customers on support projects. Delivering quality support and help to customers and colleagues on challenging projects, we get awesome things done! Fewer words, more action! Never-let-anyone-down. I love the location by the river and the famous "Oberbaumbrücke", the relaxing lunch breaks and evening riverside BBQs! Join the big Netcentric family if you agree that you should never stop improving.

Olena Slyshkova
Senior Software Engineer Backend

My technical background and years of software development give me the possibilities to enjoy my work everyday. At Netcentric I can apply my knowledge and experiences, and also there are plenty of opportunities to grow professionally. All areas of work meet the highest standards: starting from highly professional teams and finishing with high-tech equipment that enables us to solve tasks of any complexity.

Mario Rodriguez Jaen
Senior Software Engineer

Around my second week at Netcentric, I got home from work and my wife said, "You talk about your new colleagues as if you’ve known them for years". It’s that kind of place. When not coding for work, I like to code for fun! Universal access to the web changed everything. The immediacy of code deployment meant I was able to write something in Boston that my parents could see Panama at the same time.

Cedric Verardo
Senior Consultant

I’m a graduate of the University of Zurich and University of Geneva with degrees in Communications, Business Administration and Sociology. I then spent ten years in the banking sector, gaining experience in a variety of roles in Employer Branding, Digital Channel Management and Application Owner. In 2013 I joined Netcentric - a young, exciting company - as a Project Manager in Zurich. Three years later I moved to the buzzing London office which has grown a lot - as has the rest of the company. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug, so whenever I can, I’m off to discover new places near and far.

Henning Lind
Senior Project Manager

Got bored with developing on IBM mid-range machines and fell in love with the endless possibilities of the Internet back in the 90s. Still geek at heart but a project manager for quite a while now. Netcentric's work / life balance helps me in being an avowed country side living person with family and dog! My inspiration - Truly agile where possible, a little waterfall where required. Great results is what counts at the end of the day. The Berlin Netcentric office is one of the most perfect places to work at. Right next to the river Spree, lot's of bright space, quite – perfect.

Elena González
Project Manager

From an AEM Author to PM Junior. Starting in AEM 2 years ago, I got to learn from qualified experts. Now, I have fun every day moving between projects, teams and clients. Dance is my passion. I love getting on the dance floor to release endorphins! Netcentric pays my gym subscription which really helps. My inspiration is getting things done, no matter how, no matter what. Netcentric Barcelona has the best working environment I’ve ever experienced. Young, motivated people – you’ll always find someone for coffee.

Kwok Lee
Solutions Architect

I graduated with a Computer Science degree and initially embarked on a career in design and development. For the past 10 years, I’ve been active in digital marketing, gaining a wealth of technical knowledge to share and apply at Netcentric. At Netcentric, I get the chance to work on exciting projects based on Adobe Marketing Cloud products for a wide variety of customers in diverse verticals. The London office is situated in a prime location with great public transport links.

Jason Porter
Backend Software Engineer

I studied music at university, but came to software development through the roundabout route of dinosaur museum guide and digital marketer. I now apply my skills as a software engineer to some challenging and interesting projects. Netcentric have been welcoming and supportive from day one, the equipment is top of the line, the perks are great - the sailing trip and summit every year as well as the summer / Christmas parties are just a few. Barcelona is an amazing city to live in, especially for outdoorsy types, with the stunning weather, the coast, and mountains of Andorra less than 2hrs away.

Jesús Manuel Castañeda Díaz
Frontend Software Engineer

I graduated as Computer Systems Engineer and did a bit of everything, from designing databases to creating the web pages that used them. Gradually my focus shifted to the frontend – my favourite by far. I love to play video games with friends, enjoy the outdoors as well as having fun at the beach. One of the reasons I decided to come and work here is the excellent working environment with great tools.